Rightnow, Digital Foundry's favorite membrane gaming keyboard is 20% off

Rightnow, Digital Foundry's favorite membrane gaming keyboard is 20% off

Non-mechanical keyboards are often less expensive than mechanical keyboards, so it''s no surprise that some folks prefer them. The SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL, the best non-mechanical keyboard we''ve tested, is now available on Amazon: 39.99. That''s a great deal for a compact keyboard that offers fantastic RGB lighting and a comfortable typing experience.

The importance of going for membrane over mechanical isn''t limited to price, as described above. Usually, a membrane board is softer, given that keypresses are recognized as a rubber dome beneath the keycap collapses and presses down a plunger onto the PCB, sending a signal to generate an input. A lot of these non-mechanical keyboards may feel mushy and imprecise, but the Apex 3 TKL is more measured, with enough feedback to let you know that

TKL keyboards are a fun choice for space savers, especially given that it extends the number pad completely in order to provide extra desk space to use your mouse. I''ve always thought of the keyboards as a fun medium between smaller 60 percent boards, like the Anne Pro 2, I mentioned in a deals article the other day, and full-size options. If you''re often entering numbers into a spreadsheet, you''ll have all the keys you need, while enjoying a smaller design that allows your arms to

The Apex 3 TKL, which is unusually used for a membrane keyboard, has an IP32 rating, which means that if you spill a little bit of your soda, it should continue to work just fine.

There is a RGB lighting here, with eight zones to be precise, which looks quite decent with it being distributed evenly across the keyboard, behind a layer of semi-frosted plastic. It can be used in SteelSeries'' GG software, along with handy media playback buttons and the volume wheel, which is an ideal touch for an inexpensive keyboard.

The only odd feature here from a gaming perspective is that the Apex 3 TKL only has a 2KRO, or two key rollover. This means that only two key combinations are guaranteed to be correct when they''re pressed simultaneously; If you introduce a third key, it may not register at all, however. If you play games like OSU, however, this is not an issue for everyone!

At $39.99 on Amazon, the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL is a pretty easy sell. It features a well-designed layout, soft-touch membrane keys, and some smart RGB lighting at a reasonable price.

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