Trailers for Like a Dragon: Ishin! reveal returning characters, gameplay, and minigames

Trailers for Like a Dragon: Ishin! reveal returning characters, gameplay, and minigames

The hype surrounding the recently veiled Like a Dragon: Ishin! remake is very real, and two new trailers from Sega show off the upgraded graphics, along with Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio''s new content.

We need to get a lot of info on these two new trailers, so let''s get started!

The Japanese Like a Dragon YouTube channel has released a gameplay trailer that focuses on Ryoma Sakamoto''s (or Kazuma Kiryu''s historical counterpart) fighting styles (embedded below).

In the new Ambush trailer, you can see some of the Yakuza games'' familiar faces, including Yakuza: Like a Dragon''s Ichiban Kasuga and Seong-hui, as well as series antagonists Koaru Sayama and Sohei Dojima. Kuze, Awano, and Shibusawa have been retrofitted to replace some of the lesser known faces. Several of the new characters, including some new and returning for Ishin!

Even a Yakuza game would be a Yakuza game without some wackiness. In the game preview, short clips of minigames including card game karuta, cooking, and chicken racing are shown. And serving udon noodles. And farming. And karaoke. Because every Yakuza game requires Kiryu, sorry, Ryoma singing Baka Mitai.

In an interview, producer Yokoyama revealed that there will not be an English dub for Like a Dragon: Ishin! to the satisfaction of fans (translation provided by fansite Tojo Dojo.) Dubbing over the game would be difficult due to the "specialized vocabulary and the way people talked during the Bakamatsu era."

However, the cultural difference did not halt RGG Studio from releasing Ishin internationally. In an interview with Fanbyte, Yokoyama said the reception of Ghost of Tsushima "gave [them] confidence Ishin might do well in America."

Fans and non-fans alike have confidence in the film, and we''re all excited about Ishin''s release on 21st February 2023. Until then, I''ll be here sipping over every teaser and trailer we receive.

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