Bos Brunnen, Ryzas Childhood Friend in Atelier Ryza 3

Bos Brunnen, Ryzas Childhood Friend in Atelier Ryza 3

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The TGS 2022 Koei Tecmo stream provided a bit of gameplay and new features. Although it was initially announced in streams prior, the Koei Tecmos event had a few additional features to share, particularly about certain bonuses players may anticipate when they buy the game next year.

The stream showed a previously shown 7-minute chunk of gameplay and system explanations. Upon completion, Bos Brunnen, an old friend to Ryza, was introduced in a new trailer.

Ryza herself is comprised of eleven selectable companions from previous games, as well as key characters with a role to play in Ryza''s final adventure. Multiple maps are connected together to create large areas with distinct means of traversal. The battle system in will also involve keys as a major element. They can be used from landmarks, battle, and other activities.

Other discounts will be included for purchasers. The Summer Look costume pack will be available for pre-orders, showing the characters in slightly dressed-down outfits to suit the cold weather.

The game also supports save import fromand, unlocking costumes, and other benefits. Players who save data from will also unlock a costume to have Ryza cosplay as Sophie.

A physical Premium Box release will include a painting book, Acrylic charm, clear files, and a B2-size cloth poster, as well as a code for early access to the Marine Look of Kurken Shore.

On February 23, 2023, the PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch will be released.

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