The Genshin Impact Anime Project is in the works with a ufotable audience

The Genshin Impact Anime Project is in the works with a ufotable audience

During the preview stream event for HoYoVerse, fans were surprised by the concept of a 3.1 anime series. The company has announced that it is working with Ufotable on a anime series based on the game.

A concept trailer for the anime series has been developed.

The anime concept trailer starts in a forest and Paimon, with everyone''s favorite emergency ration, in it. From there, images of Teyvat scenery, including Mondstadt, Dragonspine, Barbatos Archon Statue, and the protagonists Lumine and Aether are shown.

HoYoVerse calls it a long-term project, which means fans shouldn''t expect something anytime soon, but that its involvement with Ufotable isn''t intended to be a long-term relationship. This might be a combination of the one Ufotable has with Aniplex and Type-Moon in franchise anime adaptations, or the way Studio Pierrot has animated many manga series.

HoYoVerse is not the first non-Japanese developer to develop Japanese anime skills for its games. Before Yostar developed a Japanese-based studios, the publisher created animated promos for its games. This week, CD Projekt Red and Studio Trigger launched a unique in-house animation. MiHoYo Animation and Wonderium produced the latest animated short.

A manga project is in the works, but there is no date or distribution channel. The game is available on iOS, Android, PS4, and PC.

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