Stuck on the Curse quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here's how to get more DreamShards

Stuck on the Curse quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here's how to get more DreamShards

The Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulation game populated with legendary fan-favourites, which is a rather pleasant journey to jovially take on quests and farm away in. There are plenty to try out outside the main story, such as friendship quests and realm quests.

It''s a point in the main story when Mother Gothel unavoidably afflicts the rest of the city. Villagers are trapped in their homes aside from the ones that are required in this quest, and as a result, a few players have encountered a serious issue.

If you''re stuck with the Curse quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley and need some extra Dream Shards, here''s what you can do.

Do you want to be in Disney Dreamlight Valley for The Curse?

UPDATE: Since then, Gameloft has issued its first patch for Disney Dreamlight Valley, fixing the drop rates of Dream Shards. Using the following methods, - feeding Critters and clearing Night Thorns - will lead to further Dream Shards, and you have the possibility of discovering them when digging up shiny patches of land.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, if you''re here, you''ll probably understand what the issue with the Curse quest is. Essentially, after freeing Mother Gothel from the treehouse in Glade of Trust, a curse has afflicted the village. All NPCs aside from the ones participating in this quest are locked in their houses, and you cant access the Goofys stall, McDucks shop, or other services for that matter.

Why is this an issue? Well, to continue with the quest, you require 5 Dream Shards and 5 Night Shards. When mining or digging, Night Shards are often dropped, but Dream Shards, honestly, aren''t always visible.

If youre a much wiser player than I am, you probably havent spent every single Dream Shard you given at the beginning of the game, and you won''t end up in this scenario. That said, nobody knows how valuable Dream Shards are, nor that the drop rate is somewhat measly after clearing all areas of Night Thorns.

While it''s quite amusing to imagine Mickey, Goofy, Moana, and others locked inside their homes wondering what''s happening, the task to find Dream Shards is not.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do I get more Dream Shards?

In an upcoming update, Gameloft has advised that Dream Shard drops will be increased. There are several ways to avoid these issues sooner. I will however warn you, it took me seven hours to find two of them.

Clearing Night Thorns will be a breeze, but if you have already cleared the valley out, there will be ten new Night Thorns going to appear daily. If you have the skill to grind things like fishing, cooking, and gardening, you may save Dreamlight to open a new area.

With all of your luck and patience, you may get a few Dream Shards by doing this in a new area.

If you feed them their favourite foods twice, Dream Shards will be given to you by Critters. You''ll also be able to unlock them as a companion!

In our guide to all animals in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, we''ve explored the area, favourite foods, and approaches to each Critter. So, if you feel a certain species, check it out!

It''s also worth noting that two animals will appear in their designated area every day, and you will only be able to feed each animal once every day.

Technically, you can and should get Dream Shards from anything, like Night Shards. Having said that, I spent seven hours simply cleaning up the town, agriculture, mining, and general resource gathering, and it was only when I encountered more Night Thorns that I finally got lucky.

It appears that, based on the Reddit thread, some have had more success with Critters than Night Thorns. Either way, good luck getting those Dream Shards!

In the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you should look at our guides for iron ore, clay, and hardwood.

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