The Best Assassin's Creed Game from VG247 is a beautifully managed game, but you can't pick Ghost OfTsushima

The Best Assassin's Creed Game from VG247 is a beautifully managed game, but you can't pick Ghost Of

Beyonce, an internationally well-known Assassin''s Creed fan, is quite surprised that more hasn''t been revealed about this, given her expertise. Her 2006 stratospheric chart topper, Irreplaceable, was at one point all about Assassin''s Creed, a game she loved so much she had to compose a song before it hit stores.

The song, which became the most popular song in the United States in 2007, first talked about how the character loved Assassin''s Creed so much that it might never be replaced by another game. In a strange turn of events, however, Beyonce was quite shocked to see so many in the game when she played it just prior to the release of Irreplaceable. This shocking twist resulted in the song having completely been altered to focus on a relationship, and the original song never saw the light of day.

She is evidently affluent about first-party PlayStation exclusives.

At some point, Beyonce thought Assassin''s Creed was unanswered. But was it? Welcome to VG247''s The Best Games Ever Podcast: Ep.17 - Best Assassin''s Creed game that isn''t an Assassin''s Creed game and you can''t choose Ghost Of Tsushima.

Please do not give us any feedback on the program, and if this is your first time listening, please return to the previous episodes. If you have suggestions for topics, please contact me. Jim, thanks for the excellent work.

What is the best game in the world of the VG247? While wondering if the dates in the above story are correct, I believe they are correct in any way. I suppose this podcast, which is why you''re on this page, is a 30-minute panel show where users (me and some others on VG247) choose the best game in a particular category. It''s good.

Weve got some information on the shows links below (if you want to get a refresher before going to the comments to make a fantastic, thought-provoking post or wish to listen but wish to know what games we selected), so if you want to avoid spoilers, don''t scroll past this fan-made look of what Chris Bratt would look like if he was in Assassin''s Creed. (Support friends of VG247, People Make Games, on Patreon).

The best Assassin''s Creed game that isn''t an Assassin''s Creed game, and you can''t pick Ghost Of Tsushima.

This is the topic of the episode seventeen of the VG247 Best Games Ever Podcast. Here''s a look at who selected it.

Yes, if you simply look at Mirror''s Edge without my skill, you''ll likely wonder what I''m on about. It''s all about parkour. This is why a big deal was made about the free-running in the original Assassin''s Creed, and rightly so, and Mirror''s Edge feels like a first-person take on this. It''s fantastic, and just like AC, the combat is a bit ropey.

The Saboteur was one of those games developed in what I believe was a sort of golden age of open world games - of which Assassin''s Creed was one. It has a lot in common with Grand Theft Auto, though, the similarities to Assassin''s Creed are also evident. There''s stealth, clambering around buildings, and an open-ended approach that feels much similar to the earlier ones in the AC series.

The primary difference, of course, is that you''re killing nazis. Which is a video game topic we don''t get to do enough of, honestly. Toss in some fantastic and artistic visual choices, a fun protagonist, and the result is pretty strong. It''s a shame it never had any chance of getting a sequel, which is why cruel parent EA closed its development studio before the game was even released.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves (Sucker Punch Productions'' best game imo) is basically an Assassin''s Creed game, but with a racoon.

Sly, the hereditary heir to the Cooper gang, an unusual group of gentleman thieves who have been fighting the Klaww gang for decades, has all of the key elements in the game. What''s more, you''ll set up criminal organizations that abuse the semi-mythical Clockwerk parts to enrich their nefarious intentions, like the Pieces of Eden in Assassin''s Creed.

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