How to Get Pets andcompanions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Pets andcompanions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulation game based on the most famous Disney characters, and there are even more on the way. Remy and WALL-E are certainly enough to help me get hooked on this surprisingly wonderful Disney title, and the fact that I can select a pet-like companion to follow me around is merely a bonus.

How do you really get a pet or companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley? It''s certain that it''s not as simple as singing to the birds, like you might expect from a Disney game, but it''s not so far away.

In this article, weve described how to get new companions or pets in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, and how to assign a new one.

How do I get companions or pets from Disney Dreamlight Valley?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a few methods to get your hands on a pet. One of them requires a bit of patience, while another requires taking part in events!

Each day, two Critters from each species, such as squirrels and raccoons, will appear. Each Critter will be unlocked as a pet that can follow you wherever you go. Lastly, make sure that each animal will have three different versions.

In our guide to all Critters in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need to ensure you feed the Critters their favourite food.

In the events tab of the Disney Dreamlight Valley menu, you may participate in a variety of events that will reward you for complete tasks across the valley. Your rewards will be a form of token that can then be exclusively spent on items from that events reward shop, which takes the form of a pass.

The Pixar Fest, which is held at the beginning of the writing, is where simple activities, such as selling meals, mining, farming, and nothing out of the ordinary from what you would be doing anyway. Unlike Moonstone, some items are tasked with spending Pixar tokens. Fortunately, the coins are also protected by a premium pass that can be purchased in the game.

Among the benefits you can spend your hard-earned tokens on is companions. The Pixar Fest event is suited to a nice, badass-looking squirrel in The Incredibles gear, and I''m looking forward to seeing what other dressed-up Critters will offer in the future.

In the Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do I meet my companion?

After eating a Critter twice, youll have them unlocked as a companion or pet. First, select your companion and select one. All of your unlocked companions will be displayed for you to choose from.

In the Disney Dreamlight Valley, your companions and pets are entitled to this, and while my Incredibles squirrel is cool and all, I believe I will be sticking with Choco Crocodile. For more information about what you can do across the valley, spend some time assembling your friendships, and why not try upgrading your house while youre at it?

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