In closedbeta, Omega Strikers Smash Bros meets Rocket League has just begun

In closedbeta, Omega Strikers Smash Bros meets Rocket League has just begun

Omega Strikers has just been announced! Odyssey Interactive has just shown off its first title, with former employees from a wide range of industry firms including Riot Games. A 3v3 competitive sports x fighting game, you may now enter the closed beta.

While the PC isn''t fully compatible right now, there''s certainly some possibility of future mobile and console versions. If you like the look of the trailer below, but the view of a keyboard intrigues you, chances are the wait shouldn''t be that bad.

The game involves two teams of three smashing each other off the arena in order to clear the path for a goal. It''s like a sci-fi version of what you wish football would be when you were a kid, where you could just crush into a stranger who actually exercised and footy.

Odyssey was founded with the aim of showcasing the competitive spirit of the next generation of players, which we believe will be the most comprehensive, inclusive and connected ever. Today, as we launch Omega Strikers into Closed Beta on PC, we take the first major step in a positive journey ahead.

Omega Strikers is a character-based game that involves a cast of distinct avatars, all with their own moves and intricacies. I personally admire the giant guinea pig because they remind me of a big guy who worked down the local chip shop. Im fairly sure he was done in by tax evasion, but Id wager the price of a cone of chips he would be pretty good at Omega Strikers.

This article about Omega Strikers was completely successful, and I actually played it during a very secret clandestine press briefing and play session earlier this week. It''s fantastic fun, packed with fast-paced action and exciting characters that really blended up each time. To be honest, I had a real beef with one of the enemy players and didn''t want them to have any fun.

The closed beta should be live right now, so please visit the official website.

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