Valheim is due to release on PC Game Pass at the end of this month

Valheim is due to release on PC Game Pass at the end of this month

The early access to Iron Gate Valheim will be available on PC Game Pass on September 29, and it will include full cross-play support with Steam.

In spring 2023, cross-play support will be available for Xbox.

The Viking survival game will be a console exclusive upon its launch. When it is released for PlayStation, it isn''t known as of press time.

The next update to the game, Mistlands, will be released later this year. It will focus more on adventure and exploration than building and features a new forest biome.

The Mountains update was the most recent addition to its content, and it was released again in March.

Valhalla was first released on Steam Early Access in 2021, and it is a relatively brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players set in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. In it you craft powerful weapons, build longhouses, and fight powerful foes while trying to recreate your own version of Valhalla in the wilderness.

The game has been given a ten-million-kilo million copies, with one thing reaching an all-time high.

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