The closed beta for Street Fighter 6 starts in October

The closed beta for Street Fighter 6 starts in October

Capcom has revealed a closed beta weekend for the upcoming fighting sequel Street Fighter 6, which will run from October 7th to October 10th. This beta will feature crossplay across Steam and current-gen consoles. Whats the heck of this? Check out the truly bizarre yet swag-laden trailer here.

Here are the rules for the beta. If you sign up for it before September ends, you''ll have the opportunity to play as eight characters: Ryu, Chun Li, Jamie, Luke, Kimberly, Juri, Guile, and others. This is a decent batch of classic characters and fresh faces. There will be no exception to character creation in the games Battle Hub, but it''ll only be possible once for this beta.

There are a slew of game modes to try out, including from ranked and casual matches to open tournaments, gimmicky extreme battles that change every day, and, personally, training mode. I must, however, alert you to the existence of a DJ Booth. Metro City Downtown, Genbu Temple, Carrier Byron Taylor, Tian Hong Yuan, and the fantastically named Macho Ring.

In a new trailer, you''ll get a better look at the game''s single-player World Tour mode. The best part is getting to Hadouken and Spinning Bird Kick your way around the city. This game, however, is called Street Fighter.

After some initial shenanigans around its logo, Street Fighter 6 is going to be a strangely interesting entry in the 35-year-old beat em up series. I like the sound of its real-time commentary from local residents in the fighting game industry. Capcom has revealed that esports commentator Kosuke Hiraiwa and singer Demon Kakka were lending their voices to Street Fighter 6.

The Street Fighter 6 closed beta runs between October 7th and October 10th. Capcoms is now available on Steam, as well as Xboxes and PlayStations.

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