In Street Fighter6, Ken is so much more than a sad dad

In Street Fighter6, Ken is so much more than a sad dad

Capcom announced the addition of Ken, Blanka, E.Honda, and Dhalsim to the Street Fighter 6 roster yesterday. Technically, none of this should come as a surprise. In June, some rogue character art revealed the cast list. One thing that has been pleasantly surprising is that Ken, seen in the document as a little dishevelled and rocking a''sad, middle-aged dad'' look, is nothing but.

Ken was horrified when I arrived at Capcom''s UK offices to play the latest Street Fighter 6 prototype earlier this week. Instead of suffering from a mid-life catastrophe, Ken was hauling it across the screen like an absolute battering ram, full of the same mad protein shakes his fiance Ryu''s been hawking down. Both of them have gone full-on Redfield Beefcake this time.

Ken Ken''s official backstory is still a bit of sadness. I understand the groaning haircut and aggressive training, but I know it''s a horrible experience, as he prepares to leave his family and leave him alone while he clears his name. So far, I understand that the lingering flaws that he was attempting to withdraw from the TGS preview game, and I understand that, frankly, all of his lingering horror stories were all about knocking out some other new characters that

I''ll be upfront. I had a great time mashing buttons in our sNES when Street Fighter II was released as a launch title for the 3DS. But let''s face it. I do not have the time or the mental ability to memorise the tumultuous movements that must be used for Street Fighter. Every character has exactly the same button prompts.

Although Smash Bros has proven consistently, there''s still plenty of room for depth and nuance when everyone has the same basic moveset - and it''s something Street Fighter 6 has finally bought onto. By enabling these in the pre-match build-up screen, you''ll effectively crush each character''s moveset to a Smash Bros-like direction + face button prompt, as well. In a local area where you''ve just got two pals (or fellow games journalists) laying it out for a

I''d been able to rip with his uppercuts, knee jabs, and famous hadoukens when I was younger than myself. But the Modern Controls also extended the scope of playing as other completely new characters, such as Kimberly, who I''d never encountered before. I especially enjoyed how she uses opponents'' lashes to sort of blindside while also giving them a swift boot in the face during games. It''s also remarkable that the modern Controls has fully admittedly expanded its scope into the gaming

You see, there are still a lot of controls on your game pad in SF6, including your Drive Parry, the lynchpin that sits behind your game''s drive system. Drive Impact strikes, which is responsible for those bright bursts of colour on the screen, can absorb incoming attacks, while Drive Rushes may close your gap between you and your opponent in a single time. These aren''t quite hugely powerful, but they can counter and block incoming attacks when you''re in a

The way you replenish your Drive Gauge is by whipping out your glowing blue Parry at opportune moments, and soaking up (and smugly repelling) all incoming attacks. Although, squeezing the parry bumper at exactly the right time to completely remove an Overdrive Art (the new name for SF5''s EX Special Move attacks) is intensely thrilling, but as such, Street Fighter 6 also helps to increase the amount of fighting on a dime.

During my preview session, you can throw on L2, and there are still a lot of commands and buttons to remember and slowly internalise - but my main concern is that it all feels a bit more manageable and approachable than any other game in the series. Despite the fact that it all feels like a bit more manageable and approachable on this front, I''m curious to see how your customisable avatar will be spinning bird kicking and hadouken-ing to in its colourful streets and train stations (

The good news is that a closed beta test on PC (and consoles via crossplay) will be held from October 7th to September, with ranked, casual and battle hub matches, as well as its training, open tournament, and extreme battle modes. Eight characters will be available - Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Juri, Kimberly, Guile, Jamie, and Luke - and you can sign up for it on Capcom''s website.

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