Come play games on unusual bespoke controllers with us atEGX

Come play games on unusual bespoke controllers with us atEGX

EGX, which is hosted by our corporate siblings, is returning to London next week, and we''re returning with it. Once again, we''re bringing a slew of games that include unusual and custom controllers or physical experiences. Pool on a bendy table! Tenya Wanya Teens'' buttons! Something involving neckties? During EGX London, you''ll find these and more.

The greatest part of games events is learning to play unusual games and experiences that might not exist outside events. At least, they are more fun to play with weird controllers or while joking your pals. Next week, there will be nine features on RPS Future Of Play. In truth, I don''t yet know all of them, and that''s fascinating to me. The lineup of games is:

ByteDance is a "game/art-generator" that is filled with swirly patterns.

Ah, what exactly is Game Of Me? Projection mapping and a game and physical artefacts... okay, cool.

Home Turf - a very inconvenient pool table which spirals upwards in one corner. I personally am hoping it will be seen by hustlers pulling off outrageous trick shots.

Like Typing Of The Dead, Morse is a great way to set up troops in WW2.

Pocket Plant Growing a Digital Plant by avoiding light:

Love how adorable @with_bug_legss Pocket Plant looks on its moss rock cushion from @arlo_howard #EscapadeArcade

Tenya Wanya Teens, a two-player competitive game developed by Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi, is about brushing your teeth, weeing, playing guitar, and more as the controller''s many colour-coded buttons change.

Tie Simulator 2020 - a game played using a keyboard as a tie, I believe as a serious artorial study.

Trapped In The Debris, a game governed by rotating an ornate brick to liberate an ancient spirit.

Unknown Number - a "First-person Talker"

I''m interested in learning more about them all. And you can also learn more!

The EGX London 2022 will take place from Thursday the 22nd to Saturday the 25th at ExCeL in the Docklands. Tickets are now available, from individual afternoon tickets to four-day passes.

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