PS Plus is developing PAL versions of PS1 games that launched in the first place

PS Plus is developing PAL versions of PS1 games that launched in the first place

Sony appears to be using the PS1 classic PAL version in its PS Plus subscription.

The subscription has now been launched in Asia, but - as seen by VGC - some PS1 games are using the PAL (Europe, Australia, New Zealand) version instead of the NTSC (Asia, America).

They are presented in 50Hz instead of 60Hz, thus resulting in a lower refresh rate and therefore reduced framerates.

Eurogamer Newscast on YouTube: Will we subscribe to PlayStation Plus Premium, and how does Xbox cope with Starfield''s loss this year?

Nevertheless, all games aren''t allowed to play so well.

Ape Escape, Everybody''s Golf, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash, and Kurushi are all part of the European PAL versions.

Both Worms games are PAL, while Tekken 2, Syphon Filter, Abe''s Oddysee, and Mr. Driller are based on the NTSC version.

Ape Escape, Everybody''s Golf, Wild Arms, and Kurushi are all shown with English language menus and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe trademarks, as well as VGC''s verification in the comment below.

UPDATE: All first-party PSOne games included in the new PS Plus in Taiwan (an NTSC region) have been confirmed. Andy Robinson (@AndyPlaytonic) May 23, 2022 Please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings

UPDATE: All first-party PSOne games in Taiwan (an NTSC region) appear to be based on the PAL 50hz versions, according to a new post.

This is how Sony''s PlayStation Classic console utilised a mix of PAL and NTSC versions of games.

"The majority of PAL games are operating at 83.3 percent of the full-speed of the NTSC versions in terms of frame-rate, and most of the time in terms of actual gameplay speed, according to Digital Foundry. The PAL versions are generally slow and plodding, which do not correspond to a US or Japanese developer''s original vision.

"There''s just too much consistency [on the PlayStation Classic] for gameplay, which is because of obvious stutter. "This is a really, really poor showing here."

Nintendo''s Switch Online catalogue of N64 games has been changed but it may include both PAL and NTSC versions.

Eurogamer has received a reply from Sony.

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