Blizzard explains how unlocks for Overwatch 2's battle pass hero will work

Blizzard explains how unlocks for Overwatch 2's battle pass hero will work

players get the first one free

Blizzard is intervening to clarify exactly how unlocks for the heroes of the battle.

After leaks of its model for the upcoming free-to-play multiplayer evolution ofgot out, the studio is now describing exactly how players will unlock heroes in the new game.

On October 4, the game will be introduced into free-to-play multiplayer. And as the game moves into a seasonal content model, hero unlocks will be added to the Battle Pass.

Loot boxes are being removed from the game by an in-game shop and a virtual currency, Overwatch Coins. Every week, the shop will offer featured cosmetic items for all players. Season one will follow a cyberpunk theme, and other seasons will have their own themes.

Access to the Battle Pass will be unlimited for everyone. And, like other seasonal pass models, will offer a premium track.

Heroes will debut in new seasons as part of the Battle Pass, starting in Season 1 with newcomer support Kiriko. In general, heroes will debut at Tier 55 of the 80-tier Battle Pass for free users. Premium Pass purchasers, however, will unlock that seasons hero immediately upon purchase. The premium pass will go for $10, or 1000 Overwatch Coins.

Owners will get access to Kiriko in the event of her automatically, as Blizzard is giving a free premium pass for Season 1. A new hero will arrive in Season 2, and Blizzard plans to launch a new hero in Season 4 and Season 6.

If players miss the season they''re included in or miss the level they need, there will be options to earn heroes introduced in previous seasons. Special challenges will be made available, or they may be purchased directly from the store with Overwatch Coins.

A new design focus

In the Blizzard blog shared today on all of the changes, the studio says that with the introduction ofand 5-on-5 multiplayer, the team is shifting its hero design strategy. Specifically, it is attempting to reduce the presence of specific hard counters.

A key component ofhas often been hero match-ups, and sometimes, the need to swap depending on what the other team is running. Thats changing.

While heroes will have their own clear strengths and weaknesses, some heroes will be more effective against others, we believe our game works better and is more fun with less hard counters and a broader range of effective hero picks. That philosophy will be guiding us as the future progress.

Blizzard claims that being able to launch heroes through the battle pass system is fair to its players owing to this shift, as well as the objective of supporting the service as a live service.

New maps are in the works, and they will be available to everyone. A new mode is also planned for sometime later in 2023.

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