KFC's dancing Psyduck toy is an inspiration to us all, and it is makingbank

KFC's dancing Psyduck toy is an inspiration to us all, and it is makingbank

Michael Jackson. Shakira. Fred Astaire. Patrick Swayze. Michael Flatley. Beyonce. Anna Pavlova. Now, Psyduck.

Yes, that''s right. Today, my friends, is a special day: Pokemon number 54 has entered the ranks of the best dancers to have ever adorned the surface of planet earth, and it''s all happened in an unusual fashion.

KFC China has given birth to a new toy as part of a program for Children''s Day that will take place in the region on June 1st. That, in itself, isn''t really news. But wait until you see the Psyduck. Wait until you see its hypnotic movements. Its.

KFC China is promoting a Pokemon toy promotion for Children''s Day (June 1), where a kid meal comes with a Pikachu or Psyduck toy. Listings online are priced at $200 at pic.twitter.com/INeNGWUhgD.

Psyduck''s moves have gone viral on social media given and it''s no surprise that TikTok dances can make their way into games and cause battle royales to go viral. People outside China are snapping up Dancing Psyduck on auction sites for $120+.

Some uncrupulous trainers are attaching pieces of paper to the Psyduck, and using its dancing capabilities to promote... whatever they want... basically. Given that a single KFC Big Bucket Meal in KFC China right now will offer you two Pikachu toys as well as this jiving duck it stands to be true that some fast food-enjoyers in the region are capable of making a lot of cash from the toy.

KFC''s Psyduck toy is popping off in all Chinese social media. It''s just so simple. People put sticky paper to his hands with text on it and show everything they want. pic.twitter.com/Pj31bYcufm

While you might think it''s odd to see Psyduck get so much attention, it shouldn''t be that surprising, actually: Junichi Masuda is one of the founder members of Game Freak, and a director of the studio has previously noted that Psyduck was considered to be opposing Pikachuin Pokemon: Let''s Go, Pikachu! and Let''s Go, Eevee! The little duck was too famous, in the end, because of its similarity to P

Psyduck will come to European or North American shores, according to the reports. So, unless there''s a bigger Pokemon campaign on our shores, we may be doomed to live a flat, Psyduck-less lifestyle for the foreseeable. If you''ve got a spare $120+ in your pocket, here''s what you can do.

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