Former Riot developers are developing a fast-paced competitive multiplayer game called Omega Strikers

Former Riot developers are developing a fast-paced competitive multiplayer game called Omega Striker

The closed beta kicks off today

Odyssey Interactive is officially releasing its first title. It''s a fast-paced competitive game that mixes sport, MOBA, and other forms of.

The new three-on-three knockout striker, as Odyssey suggests, is a free-to-play and cross-platform competitive game. Its launching a closed beta on PC today, and will launch on mobile later this year, with a console release expected for sometime in 2023.

What does the term "those who are not) say, though, what they think is. If soccer, and physics-based fighters are all connected into one new genre, then the best scenario might be.

Each team plays on a top-down arena with a goal on either side. The goal is to smack the puck, called the core, around, and knock them into the enemy''s goal to score points. Victory is achieved when a team hits five points and goes up by two.

Tough play is encouraged, as characters can not only fight over the core, but also fight just plain. Ability allows players to knock one other off the arena, creating power play potential in the interim.

An interesting cross-up

Given the team behind Odyssey Interactive, it''s a new studio, but its founders are former Riot Games developers who have worked onand. With, they''re tackling a different kind of game that still has some familiar ideas. Hero characters, fast combat, and designs that pop. Just add a puck and a goal.

ten Strikers, their individual characters, will be able to choose their own in the arena, as well as new arenas, skins, unlockables, and other abilities to compete.

Odyssey predicts that there will be no loot boxes, consumable power boosts, or paid competitive advantages. All Strikers will be unlocked via regular play, as well as purchasable via the in-game store. will also be cross-platform for play and cross-progression. So as other platforms begin to roll out, players will not have to revamp their roster of Strikers.

The closed beta is now available on PC via Steam, with plans to distribute key via Twitch drops a la. Tune in anyone who has been on Twitch, and once you have watched enough, you may get access to it for yourself.

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