Hollow Knight: Silksong adds PS4 and PS5 to its targeted platforms

Hollow Knight: Silksong adds PS4 and PS5 to its targeted platforms

PlayStation owners wont miss out on

Today, a small piece of news has dropped. The long-awaited follow-up will be coming to PlayStation platforms.

Team Cherry is expanding its lineup of operating systems, including the PC and Nintendo Switch, and Team Cherry has confirmed a few months ago that the game is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

It appears that every time a PlayStations release hits, everyone will get a chance to play the new game.

Hollow Knight: Silksong will be available on PS5 and PS4. pic.twitter.com/poIclQDfvr

PlayStation (@PlayStation) September 16, 2022

The Game Pass announcement, along with this, is also the latest news weve received. The long-awaited title is still in development, with no date left in yet.

All that being said, the simple needle-and-thread approach ofhas seemed to be fantastic in every scene. Here''s the latest trailer, as an example.

Good things for those who wait

It''s likely not too long before we get some official details on the film''s release. Considering how much people loved the original, it has some important shoes to fill.

A bit of romance between these two things has arisen, mainly because there are quite substantial action exploration games such as Metroidvanias. Last years, a sequel to the excellent comes to an mind.

Like fans, the dark hollows and armored bugs are so prevalent, even since their introduction as a full-fledged follow-up in 2019.

PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, and Switch are all coming to PS4.

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