Night City has more to tell from cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Night City has more to tell from cyberpunk: Edgerunners

The collaboration between Studio Trigger and CD Projekt Reds is a beautiful new perspective.

Legacies are not created in the way a merc lives in Night City, but in the way they die. Both the game and the newly released Netflix anime.

The runners do not have a corpo life. They have no Platinum insurance with the Trauma Team. They are not striving to protect their soul. Everyone is running from, or towards, something. And everybody is running till they cant anymore. It''s this universal pursuit of more that dives deep on, to great success.

A long line of

Look at the snaking range of influence leading to ; its 10-episode anime series, which features the studio Trigger of fame and the developer CD Projekt Red. Its set in Night City, but it''s still built in the Cyberpunk pen-and-paper role-playing game.

The outcome of a series with the visual flair and cinematography of Studio Trigger, the sights, sounds, and interpretations of imagined concepts into assets that can be rendered and displayed from ; and the world, lore, and drive of. And as Night City itself, all these disparate pieces join together into one whole that is incredible.

The studios are pinning for stunning action scenes with a greater amount of weight and blows that break apart everything around them. There will be moments when actors are almost rubbing foreheads in a verbal stand-off.

The look of the future

A Trigger showcases some remarkable character art and designs, as well as how stunning they were sculpted, and the details included in the frame. This way, the world''s appearance is certainly heavily informed by what has happened, but it also encourages to establish its own identity within it.

Even the main characters jacket becomes a visual signifier, an immediately recognizable piece of the character as much as Kaminas glasses from. Studio Trigger is given a slew of source material to draw from, but also the freedom to develop their own story up and over it.

Trigger''s unique approach allows it to explore Night City in new and entertaining ways. One misgiving Ive had from those who have just got back on is that it is thought it''s a tie-in game. While cameos are going from time to time, it''s not in any way a part of Vs story.

Instead, it follows David Martinez, a young boy whose single mother takes extra time and labors to set him up for Arasaka. Davids mother dreams of him escaping Arasaka''s journey: barely making ends meet in a mega-slum.

Life in Night City

In the first episode of, David Martinez''s routine is an interesting contrast. He walks out of their house and over bodies. He then travels down several planes into garbage that is always there to catch him.

The greater he goes towards the start of his day at the academy, the greater we see fast-moving suits replace bodies on the streets. Smog gives way to clean air and falsified atriums. Yet David is looked down upon in school. He is also a person who sends a sickly reminder of those parts of Night City to school every day, at a point where it should not be.

It''s a constant battle against time, as you encounter a variety of factions who may or may not be able to get Keanu Reeves out of your head before it destroys your soul.

The edge of the line

We see David''s life become more unpredictable in a moment. We see how fast life can change in Night City, and how its systems do nothing to alleviate the blow. One of the most heart-wrenching moments early is when David is told his health care package does not allow for visitation. A grim, sympathetic moment.

It explores Night City that V never does. There''s still a bit of a montage on David, but it''s more drawn out. There''s an ensemble cast that interacts with each other. We see them hang out and do crime together. Little changes appear in them over periods of time.

We see cyber-psychosis, a chronic situation in which people with too many artificial machine parts disassociate and go insane, explored in detail. In, its only the trigger for a set of ambient combat encounters in the world. It isn''t something V may succumb to. In, we see the continuum between getting more chrome to stay alive, and that chrome pushing one towards their failure. It is in profound detail.

But I really wanna stay

As David falls in with a crew and seeks to become an edgerunner, someone who works for fixers to make a life for themselves in the city, we get an idea of them. Lucy, one of the main elements of the story, is a netrunner who is haunted by an unknown past. Maine, Kiwi, Becca, and others all make up a memorable motley crew that flew through difficult times.

In a number of ways, Studio Trigger adapts pieces of the world''s interpretations. It''s not just city visuals and real locales, but also the name-dropping (and even cameo appearances) of famous runners from the years in Night City.

I love the way uses the call noise and icon in a video game, where the player is in first-person and following a quest or set of events, the calls act as talking heads. In a video game, the calls act as talking heads. In, they are just another means of communication. Calls and texts communicate story, but also emotional state.

Night City calling

One character engages non-verbally while others. In an early scene, a stream of aggressive, angry texts helps to strengthen the tension, tighten the screws until they recede and twist. In a particularly memorable scene, Lucy sees a calling icon, waiting for a response. The dial tone weve heard throughout the series is the only sound.

It''s really nice when you see netrunners flipping through the sequence-matching minigame shown in Cyberpunk 2077, or characters talking about weapons that are common in the game. This makes Triggers Night City even more familiar, especially for those who have already explored this world in the game.


I was pleasantly surprised by the idea. CD Projekt has stated that it will continue to support the IP, but I wasn''t interested in seeing more of it.

I want to see more from the beginning. It''s a thrill to watch from start to finish. moments of intense, explosive action and quiet remembrance. It can wreak havoc on your heartstrings with sad moments and then hit a frightening pseudo-first date.

While turning the dial in Night City, digs into the soundtrack to support these moments.

I''m fortunate enough to be a part of the world as an anime, adaptation, and extension. In a short span, it has proved that there are still many compelling stories to tell in Night City.

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