The PokemonCenter is now available for download and viewing of Rosa and Serperior's canvas art prints and posters

The PokemonCenter is now available for download and viewing of Rosa and Serperior's canvas art print

The official Pokemon Center has recently purchased new items! Read on below to learn more

Decorate with Dawn or represent with Rosa in a fun, elegant manner.

The Pokemon Centers new Pokemon Trainers collection features bright colours and fantastic accessories. Skyla and Swanna are among the designs featuring trainers, Gym Leaders, and elite four members.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and long-sleeve shirts will impress your favorite Trainer. Besides, your favorite trainer can reassure you that home is where the Pokemon are, so you may enjoy your cozy home with art featuring the Pokemon Center Lady and Blissey, Steven Stone and Metagross, Dawn and Piplup! Cant choose your favorite? Create a gallery wall celebrating the power of the bonds between Pokemon and trainers.

The Pokemon Trainers collection is now available at the Pokemon Center.

Fashion. Art. Pokemon.

Show off your favoriteTrainers & theirPokemon, front and center

Divine Decor and Fun Mode

Bring home some of your favorite Trainers including Dawn, Skyla, Lance, and the Pokemon Centers Trainer Suite collection. Decorate with playful posters or indulge in comfortable t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

Find Your Favorite Home

Will you fly high with Skyla, represent with Rosa, or pose with Elesa? Choose your favorite, or bring them all home.

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The friendship between Pokemon and Trainer is sporadically emphasized at the Pokemon Center!

Cynthia, Red, N, and other celebrities have all been included in this Pokemon Trainers collection, which includes apparel, canvas art prints, and posters.

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