Kellie Bright of EastEnders admits to her heartache with Danny Dyers' departure, and she will undoubtedly grieve

Kellie Bright of EastEnders admits to her heartache with Danny Dyers' departure, and she will undoub

Kellie Bright has written candidly about Danny Dyers'' future departure from the soap.

Kellie and Danny, who are better known as Linda and Mick Carter, joined the cast in 2013, when they took over the reins of The Queen Vic.

Earlier this year, however, it was announced that Danny Dyer had chosen to quit the soap.

With comedian Ellie Taylor, he has completed a public appearance.

While describing Dyers'' departure, Kellie says, and how it can benefit her as well as her Walford alter-ego, she believes this is going to be interesting. I truly do not know what will happen to Linda next.

Part of me is concerned about what the future will hold, because it''s a clean slate almost. Despite Danny''s displeasure, I feel very sorry about him going sad for Linda as well as for Kellie, because he is my best friend at, and I love being with him.

Ours is the most apart we have ever had while we have been on the show. I don''t know how either of us will feel, Linda or Kellie. I will absolutely grieve.

I will be certain that I will be sad, and I cant really think about it yet, but im sort of in denial. I know how it will be released.

Im happy for him, going off to do something new, but the selfish bit of me will miss him. Ill miss my coworker.

Mick and Linda Carter are currently estranged. In 2020, Linda had an affair with Max Branning, which resulted in a child.

When Janine Butcher arrived in Watford, she put the nail in the coffin, manipulating the recovering alcohol into falling off the wagon.

Janine has since snared Mick for herself, although the couple have yet to agree on their relationship. Linda is desperate to win Mick back, and in next episodes, fans will be able to witness a rocky clash between the two women.

Linda will be out fighting, according to Kellie. She was prepared to seduce Stuart (to get him to confess to framing Mick for attempted murder in 2018) but shell will pretty much do anything.

There''s some new stuff to come up. It''s like old-school, with two females going head to head.

Linda will give as much as she can to ensure that she gets it.

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