Review of the Pokemon GO Event: A Psychic Spectacular in 2022

Review of the Pokemon GO Event: A Psychic Spectacular in 2022

The Psychic Spectacular 2022 has come to an end. has hosted a tumultuous and profound events recently, so let''s see how this more traditional week of gameplay measures up. Did it start the Season of Light off with an intriguing offering or did it leave trainers bored?

What worked in this event

  • New Shiny drop: It used to be a given that a new event would feature a Shiny release but that hasn''''t been the case for a while. The release of Shiny Elgyem made this an event worth grinding out, especially because Elgyem was rather common in the wild. It felt like we were given a fair shot at this Shiny hunt, which hasn''''t always been the case with new Shiny releases, especially this year.
  • New Mega Evolution: We are in a string of new Mega releases, starting with Scizor and continuing this week for Mega Alakazam. (Keep an eye out, as Mega Aggron is on its way as well!) I love to see this as we had great changes made to Mega Raids in May 2022 and then we saw the feature essentially ignored all summer. More Megas, please.
  • Solid wild spawns: The spawn pool included a great mixture of Shiny-capable Pokemon and even species that are normally rare. Munna was particularly a strong feature, as its Shiny form was just released, making the Psychic Spectacular event the first best chance that manyplayers had to catch it.
  • Decent raids: While there was a drawback to a certain raid feature, the presence of Espurr and Alolan Raichu made both Tier One and Tier Three strong raiding options.

What didn''''t work in this event

  • Unown raids: Why feature non-Shiny Unown raids? It felt like bait for people who don''''t check the blog or read the news. If a species as rare as Unown is featured in raids, turning off the Shiny capability seems excessively stingy.


Out of the unsettling non-Shiny Unown concept, the Season of Light was kicked off with a spectacular event here.

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