Look Inside George Kambadais' New Disney Gargoyles Comics

Look Inside George Kambadais' New Disney Gargoyles Comics

On Dynamite''s new Gargoyles comic books, George Kambadais has been reimagined as the artist and colourist. And here''s a first look at the artwork.

Greg Weisman, the creator and leading character of Gargoyles/Young Justice, returns to comics again this December as a holiday season gift to holidaymakers all over and before the holidays come to an end.

"I literally cannot say how gratifying I am to be writing Gargoylesstories again, both for returning fans and newcomers," Greg Weisman said. "It''s just a pleasure to be visiting a world populated by Goliath, the entire Manhattan Clan, all their friends, and every single one of their enemies. I''ve been wanting to return to these characters for a while now, and having this opportunity rocks! (Pun intended).

Fans who have read Gargoyles on the comic book page, who are fully in line with the legendary classic television series. One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled in the old world and the "Age of Gargoyles," but they survived all day long as powerful warriors. Until today, they have risen again to become Defenders of the Night!

With this series, magician Greg Weisman will be joined by George Kambadais for reintroducing the Manhattan Clan to today''s fans. Whether one has seen the entire show multiple times, or has never heard of Gargoyles, this series will be the perfect jumping on point to get started with these beloved characters. When the series begins, many new characters will be on the lookout. Several different factions from across Manhattan will be testing the case again!

"I still remember hearing all excited and flustered every Saturday and Sunday morning to watch the next episodes," said artist George Kambadais. "I just loved them. Goliath was the coolest dude, and the rest of the clan were SO fanciful."

Kambadais was chosen for this new series, which includes creator Greg Weisman. Some comics enthusiasts may recognize his work from John Carter of Mars, The Flash, and Firefly, among others. His nerdy style sets a smidgeon between evoking the animation origins of Gargoyles and a modern comics style.

Letterer Jeff Eckleberry joins Weisman and Kambadais who is also doing his art. The squad includes jaw-dropping covers from some of the top comics, as well as a returning Gargoyles fan! Superstars David Nakayama, Lucio Parrillo, Lesley "Leirix" Li, Jae Lee, Tony Fleecs, and Gargoyles alumnus Amanda Conner all contributed variants for this epic launch event!

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