Elden Ring's wolfmanBlaidd has been far too hazy on the internet

Elden Ring's wolfmanBlaidd has been far too hazy on the internet

After Elden Ring''s brutal wolfman Blaidd, many people are reportedly thirsting. So far, Buzzfeed has done a thirst tweet reaction video with voice actor Scott Arthur.

Blaidd, a nPC in FromSoftware''s epic, is a half-man and half-wolf. He''s involved in one of the game''s main quests, assists players with one of the biggest bosses, and has had the furious community in a slew.

Arthur, a Welsh vocalist, admits it as well. "I know that he''s triggered quite a stir in the furious world, which I didn''t know anything until I looked on the internet."

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He''s also keen to explain how to pronounce the character''s name: "So, you pronounce it "Blithe." Not Blide, not Blythe. "So, you pronounce it ''Blithe.''

The thirst tweets reverberate.

"Blaidd is so depressing and hot," says one post. "Please make more deityy animals men, fs, please!" reads another.

Miyazaki, please respond to Arthur.

"They gave Blaidd a sexy half-wolf man, but they gave him a sexy voice," reads another, which Arthur bashfully responds to. He offers a new game in which you may kiss all of the characters. Who''s in?

So how do these tweets make him feel? "Warm. Aroused. Comforted. And very loved," he says. "You filthy animals."

Arthur, the same.

If that''s not enough, there''s a video with Margit the Fell Omen''s voice actor Anthony Howell reacting to tweets, but it''s far less choppy.

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