Before Marvel Comics, DC Comics honor Stan Lee's 100th birthday

Before Marvel Comics, DC Comics honor Stan Lee's 100th birthday

I guess the DC Comics'' PR team are happy to get this in before Marvel Comics'' November 2022 cerutiins drop, even if they mention it at all.

Because, for Stan Lee''s 100th birthday, DC Comics will be publishing new comic books based on their line, which saw Stan Lee recreate familiar DC Comis characters from scratch for a few shots back in 2001.

Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee is being released by DC, a commemorative one-shot anthology based on Lee''s (with film producer Michael Uslan) and her own interpretations of core DC characters from his Just Imagine series of one shots (2001-2002).

On Tuesday, December 27, this 96-page Prestige one-shot will be available for comic book stores and participating digital platforms; this anthology includes ten new stories highlighting the Just Imagine characters from an incredible mix of prominent comic book authors and new faces. According to Michael Uslan, the equator also includes stories from Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Batman/Superman: World''s Finest), Jerry Ordway, and Michael Conrad, and Michael W. Conrad, and Jackson Lanzing (B

Some of the finest comic artists include Lee Weeks, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Ordway, Juan Ferreyra, Anthony Marques, and Jason Howard (Green Lantern), Kelley Jones (The Sandman, Jason Colon, Kyle Hotz, Christian Ward (The Flash), Clayton Henry (Wonder Woman, Jason Maguire, Belen Ortega, and Dan Panosian in their respective roles. Cully Hamner will also cover the story art and variant covers from the movie.

  • Just Imagine Stan Lee with Joe Kubert Creating Batman gave us a black Batman, Wayne Williams, and for some reason no one posted YouTube videos condemning it. Oh, it was in September 2001, people had other things on their mind.
  • We also had Just Imagine Stan Lee withJim Lee Creating Wonder Woman with Maria Mendoza as an activist, protesting against the corporate excavation of an ancient Incan holy site near her village. My, comicsgate would have loved that.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee withJohn Buscema Creating Superman gave us Salden, the weakest member of the Kryptonian Police Force who crashed on Earth with no way to get home.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee withDave Gibbons Creating Green Lantern used Norse Legends for a professor searching for the Yggdrasil tree to be empowered, targeted by Reverend Dominic Darrk.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee withKevin Maguire gave us Mary Maxwell with a DNA injection from a hummingbird to save her from her wasting disease but giving her superspeed.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee withJerry Ordway Creating JLA included the whole team.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee withJohn Byrne Creating Robin had an angry teenager working for Reverend Dominic Darrk, trying to kill Batman.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee with Gary Frank Creating Shazam has an Interpol agent,Robert Rogers.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee with Scott McDaniel Creating Aquaman has a marine biologist Ramon Raymond experimenting with dolphin DNA.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee with Chris Bachalo Creating Catwoman has a supermodel Joanie Jordan and her cat Ebony joined after being struck by strange green lightning.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee with Walt Simonson Creating Sandman saw astronaut Col. Larry Wilton abandoned in outer space, granted the powers of the mystical Sandman.
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee with John Cassaday Creating Crisis sees The Sandman with the body of Darrk, to warn of the coming of Darrk''''s master, a being called Crisis, which also included versions oftheOracle, thePhantom Stranger,Hawkmanand theAtom.

And now we get to meet them again?

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