Series Revival/Revisit: "Never Say Never" is the series' winner

Series Revival/Revisit: "Never Say Never" is the series' winner

Okay, we''ll not lie. It''s nice being able to write up something on Lucifer that has nothing to do with Neil Gaiman having to defend casting Gwendoline Christie in the role for Netflix this week. However, with the Blu-ray/DVD set of the final season hitting the streets this week, it''s never too early for anyone to ask series EPs and showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich about a revival or a return to the franchise. And that''s

Both Henderson and Modrovich discussed reuniting the team for something special in a conversation about Blu-ray/DVD release.

Joe Henderson: Yes, I hope so. We loved having a great time with these people. I think maybe we may arrive at a new direction or at least revisit or do something. It was such a wonderful time, and we so appreciate them, so never say no.

Ildy Modrovich: My vote for Lucifer The Musical is direct on Broadway. If anyone wants to comment, please get it started. [Chuckles]

JH: I''m sorry to hear from you.

Why is it true?

Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) August 18, 2022

Because we didn''t make the call before, and we''re still beating ourselves up over it, according to a fan on Twitter asking a very important question about Season 3, how did we not connect those dots? It''s not like that Gaiman doesn''t have a very distinct voice we just blanked on, however now we''ve got to go back and watch Gaiman''s narrating work.

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