Renee Montoya on "Always Been A Police Officer"

Renee Montoya on "Always Been A Police Officer"

Renee Montoya''s answer is, as a result of a hard-hitting PR interview for Newsarama, which includes lines such as "one of my absolute favorite things in I Am Batman #13, "I think that''s very cool," "I love that," "that stuck with me," "That''s awesome." After a conversation, "I think that''s a wonderful experience."

John Ridley talked about Renee Montoya''s role as New York police commissioner in, and now in the series, where he states "Renee Montoya is one of the greatest of the modern-day characters in the DC Universe." Renee is a police officer, has always been a police officer, and she''s now commissioner."

Because one of the biggest concerns has arisen, the reason for this fact has prompted a lot of concern.

No, John Ridley and Renee Montoya have "always been a cop." In fact, she''s spent more than half of her life as a cop!


"Renee Montoya, the POLICE SUPERSTAR, is on a new case," says CassTalksComics. Is she willing to use her COP powers and the help of the gotham city POLICE department to ERGE the bad guys? "This COP POLICE OFFICER COMISIONER"

Gotham Central''s two-favorite character outs her as a lesbian to the public before she can''t see her for murder. Montoya is cleared of all charges, but takes it very personally. Later, she becomes obsessed with a corrupt criminal investigation investigator Jim Corrigan, who beat him up for information, leading to her partner becoming murdered, but she is unable to execute Corrigan.

She resigns from the GCPD before becoming an alcoholic bar hopping ex-cop in the 52 film, which resulted in her becoming a street vigilante, The Question. It would be years and years later, as part of DC Rebirth, that she would eventually rejoin the GCPD around the events of A-Day, with Future State seeing her as a future commissioner of Gotham, before she accepts that role in current continuity.

Perhaps the new DC Timeline, which was then abandoned, but constituted the basis of, changed that? I just checked that, and no, she was also in that.

This is not the first time this interview is picked up, but instead John is told "Your respect for the character is so evident." So let me go for a DC equivalent of a No-Prize. How about "has always been a police officer in her heart, if not on the streets". Just write that in and you are golden. Because obviously John Ridley knows, and has written extensively in for a start.

Is really, really, really going to be focused on this sort of thing, but I suspect you can;t blame Montoya for being conflicted.

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