The best build, engraving, skills, androtation of the Lost Ark Destroyer

The best build, engraving, skills, androtation of the Lost Ark Destroyer

If you want to start smashing some demons in the game, The Lost Ark Destroyer is a great resource.

The Destroyer is an advanced class for those who are attracted by the Warrior major class in Lost Ark, which gives you a stylish full armor warrior who uses a massive hammer on their back to combat their enemies.

It is an interesting concept that comes, of course, with positives and negatives. We explain how to master the Destroyer, and what you should expect from this class, inclduing the best Destroyer techniques, engravings, and rotation.

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How to play as the Destroyer in Lost Ark

Destroyers are warriors who control gravity and fight with a massive hammer to destroy their enemies.

If you choose to operate the Destroyer, you will get a very slow and heavy class instead of a fighter with a set of stunts and quick attacks.

Despite their lack of mobility, a large pool of health, the capability of generating shields, and some brutal hammer attacks are all compensated. This is not a difficult Lost Ark class for beginners, but it is also quite flexible in terms of doing PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment).

Destroyers are the party''s main weapons, although they can still cause a lot of damage to their opponents. Expect some cool jumping attacks or dramatic explosions caused by the Destroyers hammer.

Concentration Skills and Gravity Release Skills are the main components of the classes. While the latter and the latter are responsible for the use of upgraded versions of the latter.

Destroyers will charge the Gravity Meter when it is complete. The Hypergravity Zone, a type of special attack that allows players to deploy only one skill: the Vortex Gravity, a frontal attack in which you strike your hammer downward and also pull in enemies in reach. In PvE or PvP content, the class approach is the same.

Due to the jumps you have, your goal is to defeat enemies with your abilities that will provide shields to mitigate damage. In PvP, some skills will help you to start fights.

Lost Ark Destroyer best skills

Here''s how to get the most out of our Destroyer skills.

You can get a low-skimmer/low-skimmer technique. Generate 1 Gravity Core.

  • Tripod 1: Quick Hit of Earthen Strength. While the second increases your damage by 10% the first makes it faster to use.
  • Tripod 2: Law of the Jungle
  • Observation: Upgrading this much is worth it if you want to focus more on PVE content like Chaos Dungeons where you must clean the area fast. Otherwise, use the points in Running Crash.

With a higher cooldown, a high damage area attack. Generates 2 Gravity Cores.

  • Tripod 1: Irresistible Force for PVE or Tenacity for PVP.
  • Tripod 2: Ranging Hammer
  • Tripod 3: Splendid Attack

A high-difficult cooldown skill that is particularly difficult to engulf. Generates 2 Gravity Cores.

  • Tripod 1: Dark Flame works great for PvE while Superior Change can be useful in PvP.
  • Tripod 2: Time Distortion
  • Tripod 3: Gravity Inversion

A higher cooldown sprint-forward attack that hits seven times. Generates 2 Gravity Cores.

  • Tripod 1: Toughened Body
  • Tripod 2: Anti-Gravity
  • Tripod 3: Enhanced Advance

The skill that has the highest cooldown in this game. Your character develops a roar that damages enemies around it and gives them immunity to Pushes. It also reduces a certain percentage of the incoming damage. It produces three Gravity Cores.

  • Tripod 1: Wide Hit
  • Tripod 2: Anti-Gravity is great, but Taunt can be an option if you rather tank some raids
  • Tripod 3: Healthy Mentality

A massive circular attack is amazingly powerful to clean areas quickly or target more than one enemy at the same time.

  • Tripod 1: Red Shards
  • Tripod 2: Tenacity for PvP might be a great option, but Perspiration also works great
  • Tripod 3: Rock Storm

Your character brings you a sequence of swing attacks.

  • Tripod 1: Agile Movement
  • Tripod 2: Red Hammer
  • Tripod 3: Fatal Hammer

This is one of your main area attacks, coordinated by Eath Eater. The character strikes the ground, making big rock spikes out of it, causing damage to enemies.

  • Tripod 1: Toughened Body is a great pick, but for PvP Tenacity may also be pretty useful
  • Tripod 2: Concussion
  • Tripod 3: Starving Strength
  • Terra Break: An amazing skill for AoE damage, so it is preferable for PvE.
  • Big Bang: It is a holding skill that does some good damage, knocking enemies away, but it also mitigates a certain percentage of incoming damage and gives you immunity to debuffs. A great skill for PvP.

Lost Ark Destroyer best rotation

This rotation seeks to consistently get Gravity Cores with Concentration Skills and only use Release skills if the three cores have upgraded their version.

Our goal here is to fill the Gravity Meter as soon as possible.

Since you will get into the enemy, you may focus on Dreadnaught or Jumping Smash followed by Endure Pain. These are all skills that require higher cooling levels.

Even if the material does not cause a lot of damage, then you should use Heavy Crush as filler.

After using one of the three cores, you inevitably will have it up. Choose Earth Eater, One-Man Army, or Seismic Hammer.

Keep doing so, and you''ll be able to use the Vortex Gravity!

Lost Ark Destroyer best engravings

If you are contemplating exploring the games endgame content, engravings are an important component of your character.

This is a list of several general engravings that work quite well with Destroyers'' gameplay and abilities. The final decision is usually based on the type of playstyle you prefer.

  • Barricade: This will increase damage while you are shielded, so it is a great combo with skills like Earth Eater or One-Man Army that gives you a shield while activated.
  • Master Brawler: This increases the damage of frontal attacks, such as Heavy Crush, Dreadnaught, Jumping Smash, Earth Eater, and so on, making this engraving a must-have.
  • Observation: in the Western version of the game, Frontal Attacks are the same as Head Attacks.
  • Spirit Absorption: With this engraving, your attack and move speed gets higher which can compensate for Destroyers slow animations.

The class also has two unique engravings: ''Gravity Training'' and ''Rage Hammer.'' It is important to understand what you should prioritize when it comes to playing style. In the event of more damage, Rage Hammer is the best option.

Gravity Training is a more basic skill, while also causing your character extra damage.

So now that you learned how to play as the Destroyer, you may complete some of Lost Arks content, like bosses Rudric and Rovlen, to get good items for your adventure smashing demons.

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