Astral Radiance Part 52 of Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Zacian & Zamazenta

Astral Radiance Part 52 of Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Zacian & Zamazenta

The second main series set of 2022 was released in May. It is the tenth set under the banner and is the first to include the Radiant Pokemon mechanic. However, the difference is that the card''s location is recognized, and the historian will look into the pieces as soon as possible. Today, we continue with the Trainer Gallery subset from the previous set.

Along with the trainer Hop in, the mascot Legendaries of the era get their Character Super Rares.

The Zacian V CSR is from artistaoki, who shows off a complex and intense scene of Zacian before being struck with its sword. The colors are fantastic in this illustration, combining a painterly flair with a deeply textured background. Zacian''s use of light pastels makes him look more heroic. This is one of the best-looking cards in the set.

IllustratorRyuta Fuse offers a more traditional, action-packed illustration of Hop retaliating Zamazenta into a conflict. The use of light bursting through the card, past Zamazenta and toward us gives the sense of tranquility.

Stay tuned for the next travel through. Click the tag below to see a few highlights from this series. Next time, this journey will include the Trainer Gallery section of the set.

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