Review of The Retaliators: Entertaining Film, But Fruitless Story

Review of The Retaliators: Entertaining Film, But Fruitless Story

Better Noise Films is a relatively entertaining film, but there are plenty of sections of the film that would complicate a potentially well-written story. is directed by Samuel Gonzalez Jr., Michael Lombardi, and by Bridget Smith. Lombardi is the lead singer of the film, alongside Marc Menchaca,Joseph Gatt,Katie Kelly, and Joanne Shaddix.

The actors on the screen provided some fantastic scenes of grief and rage. However, the first quarter of the film matched the speed of the story, with moments of pure gringe pushed as serious or lighthearted content. The relationship Bishop (Lombardi) had with his daughters was shown fairly at the start, not introducing him right away to the profession as a local pastor. The speech from Bishop ended up improving the relationship he had with his daughters and communities.

The plot in the film really provided some help. They could only do so much with a narrative that was marketed as a revenge horror-thriller, but it only made sense for the audience to care about it in the end. However, many conflicting opinions eventually resulted in the film, making their decisions more shocking later on. This is a good film for the intense moments of gore, but this does not take long to clear clear background noise.

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