In December, Seeley and Lavina will launch Hexware at Image Comics

In December, Seeley and Lavina will launch Hexware at Image Comics

The publisher has revealed a new series launching in December, combining fantasy with science fiction. "Cyberpunk 2077 gets drenched in the supernatural and goes full-throttle Devil May Cry," according to the press release. It''s bad, however, that one of the five main comic book pitches every creator needs to land a series about one of the five things Image Publishes, along with "gods living in the world of humans," "criminals with a heart of gold"

From the press release:

Tim Seeley, the alum of Hack/Slash, Revival, Nightwing, and Superman against Lobo, is set to launch this futuristic six-part miniseries in December, collaborating with Image Comics, an Italian media company and creative atelier, Arancia Studiohouse of Mirka Andolfo''s famous Image titles, other international books, and IP.

Hexware is a powerful new narrative that features an anime flair, where Cyberpunk 2077 is drenched in the supernatural and goes to Devil May Cry in total.

In a corporate-style world where class inequality is greater than ever, a desperate, lonely populace is drawn to neo-spiritualism and hedge magic. When her teenage daughter is murdered, the Marks family is left asking the gods what they did to deserve this. But their android maid, Which-Where, has a different approach. Perhaps if she asked the Devil, she might be surprised.

Here''s what Tim Seeley did to say about Hexware:

This is a notion that''s been burning in my head for a while. Arancia Studios and Zulema have allowed him to jump onto the page, and take on a variety of new influences, including horror manga and sci-fi anime. Hexware is part cyberpunk, part fantasy, and all about love, loss, and dark deals. Take out a spell book and get your cyber-pagan on.

Und Zulema Scotto Lavina added:

The journey of an android, through life and death, is a real dream for me and I believe the readers will appreciate the whole story!

On December 7, there will be three covers available (by Lavina, Seeley, and Mirka Andolfo), as well as some preview pages.

Cover A Lavina OCT220021 Cover B Seeley OCT220022 Cover C Andolfo OCT220023

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