Both Barbie and Polly Pocket Make Their Debuts in Roblox

Both Barbie and Polly Pocket Make Their Debuts in Roblox

Both franchises will be able to visit Polly and her many friends'' homes in their unique and compact form, while also being able to see Barbie''s Dreamhouse. These are all fully recreated from the game, so it looks and feels like it should already exist there. These are currently available.

Polly Pocket will be able to introduce players to Livetopia in a customized environment, which allows them to be curious, capable, and tenacious through unique polly experiences. On the first three days of the program, players will receive a new special package to shrink down and explore, all reflecting the brand''s heritage and character.

The Barbie Livetopia celebration will feature an epic party where players will experience the game''s fascinating features and features, as well as interactive activities. The Barbie Livetopia collaboration, which was conceived in 1962, will be able to provide players with a virtual representation of the playset and explore different areas.

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