Lorcana, the show's breakout stars from Ravensburger and Disney, were revealed at the D23 Expo

Lorcana, the show's breakout stars from Ravensburger and Disney, were revealed at the D23 Expo

The booths and merchandise and the drops that take everyone by surprise at the convention, as did the attendees of the D23 Expo. In retrospect, it completely makes sense that a trading card game based on Disney characters would be a huge success. However, even the participants at the booth were overwhelmed by the demand for the exclusive cards they were selling and giving away at the convention starting day two. While the entire process was limited, the group of experts was unable to identify how much of that was due to the huge resale

As they showed off the first few cards for the game, we got the chance to chat with people at the Ravensburger booth, and those who worry this is a cash grab should rest easy. It was clear within moments of communicating to anyone at the booth that they are genuine fans who are so excited to introduce the world of trading card games.

In a press release from the company, Filip Francke, the CEO of Ravensburger North America and the global head of Games said the "significant combination" has demonstrated that it will be a game changer in the billion-dollar-plus trading card game market.

"Our dedicated Disney product design team has enjoyed collaborating with Ravensburger and our Walt Disney Animation Studios partners to create a unique Disney experience."

I uncovered how I never realized myself because the obstacle to entry was a bit too large and unforgiving to someone completely unfamiliar with the concept. They believed that they wanted to be accessible not only to gamers who have never played one, but to people who have never played one. The team is very aware of the notion of being approachable in terms of gender. and other trading card games can feel both male-dominated and difficult to break into for women and gender nonconforming individuals.

The game is set in the rich and brilliant world of Lorcana, a combination of the words Lore and Arcana. Players will take on Illumineer, a powerful sorcerer, and draw together Disney characters from "The Great Illuminary," a treasuretrove of all Disney songs and stories ever made.

"The team is a huge and passionate organization with over a century of experience designing trading card games," said Ryan Miller, co-designer and brand manager at Ravensburger. "Great care has gone into delivering an amazing world and gameplay experience that will be equally fun for Disney superfans, trading card game beginners, and the most enthusiastic and advanced players."

When the convention ended, was the talk of the town, and when it arrived at day three, the booth was still swamped with people [as seen in photographs below.] If you missed out on the cards at the D23 Expo, the cards weren''t entirely exclusive. The cards will be available when the game starts in fall 2023, with four new card sets being released each year. It''s just no need to reduce the ridiculous flipper fees on one of these bad boys, therefore keep an eye on this before heading to

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