Tonight Is Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour: May 2022

Tonight Is Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour: May 2022

Tonight''s Seel Spotlight Hour in. From 67 PM tonight, Tuesday, May 24th, Seel will be appearing with increased frequency in the wild. It will also respond more frequently to Incense and will even pop up in spawn points that aren''t normally active. However, this is the fourth Spotlight Hour of May 2022 in, so keep an eye on this month.

First up, Seel can be Shiny. Above, you see the standard Seel, which has a white body and a cream-colored snout. Shiny Seel is subtly but noticeably different, with a cream-colored body and a brown snout. Here, you can see Shiny Seel as a bonus.

Tonight''s Spotlight Hour bonus is a double Stardust for catching Pokemon. To take advantage of this, simply pop two Star Pieces at the beginning of the hour and get to catch! Those two Star Pieces will run half an hour each, bringing you through the entire Spotlight Hour and adding to the additional amount of Stardust you''re pulling in. One option is to stock up on balls so you can catch for the whole hour.

One more Spotlight Hour will be down in May next Tuesday, which will be the final day of the Season of Alola. Pikipek will feature a double XP for playing Pokemon. Be sure you have a couple of Lucky Eggs saved up for the day.

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