Comic Folk Reacts To The Queue

Comic Folk Reacts To The Queue

There are currently hundreds of thousands of people in a queue or line to see the Queen''s coffin lying in state in Westminster Hall, London. Right now, Southwark Park is closed to anyone. So there is a group stuck in the park, who isn''t allowed in the queue. And people outside the park are also waiting to join the Queue, which is currently closed.

I cycled past The Queue yesterday and might do so again tonight. Here''s how it looked today, and here''s how it walked past it, and here''s how it looked last night. I enjoyed how the What3Words location mirrored what people in The Queue might hear during the night.

Here''s what comic book creators have been saying about The Queue. Most often Brits.

Hannah Berry: I''m not irritated about seeing the Queen, but I do enjoy sharing them with others in a row. I''m tired.

Lew Stringer: Britain loves to queue.

Ok, what the officials are going to pursue has never been done before, but tonight, under the cover of darkness, they''ll decommission the end of the queue to the front of the queue, forming a permanent circle of mourners who will survive today.

Joel Morris: Even if there is something unexpected at the end of the day, I have a sense of accomplishment (NO!) and this is as if a percentage of the nation had decided to spend a week holding spiders in their mouths. I''m kind of concerned that it''s happening. How are they doing this?

Kieron Gillen says his tweet about "this is the boss level of queues you have been training for this all your life" has got stuck in my head. Perhaps I''ll join the queue, then just nope out when I get to the front to say I have completed it.

I have to say that it''s a queue. It''s the most British thing it could possibly be, a five mile queue. It''s a @Aiannucci''s Time Trumpet kind of version of what it''s like when the Queen passes. I feel like "The Queue" is exactly something he''d have written. Baby born in The Queue, and couples who met in The Queue stories, are certain.

JG Ballard''s "Concrete Queue" in Comic Printing UK

Nick Gonzo: Recording my Onlyfans content in the Queue

Tom Galloway: London is apparently making a comeback in San Diego Hall H on steroids, posing a waiting man as the Queen passed.

Am I completely depressed when I don''t give up a crap about someone''s "suffering" when they voluntarily stand in an adolescent hut, so they may ghoulishly look at a dead body? I''m willing to have my mind changed, but IMO if you''re "suffering" doing this, you have the power to simply not.

Jamie Delano: What can the number of fatalities occur in that queue, I am so sorry?

Andy Oliver: Is it true that anyone does grocery shopping based on whether the goods have a Royal Warrant on them or not? (Offering anyone in that 5-mile queue, of course)

Pitch: Doctor Queue. Sci fi series in which a mysterious alien stranger can easily move to different points in the queue, now as long as the universe, to visit British people in danger, and assist out if any of them is attacked by rubber monsters or Woolworths-grade robots.

Abigail Jill Harding: We are dwindled from the queue, made men by the queue, and unsealed by the queue.

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