The S11 Part 3 Image Gallery of The Walking Dead Has Been Updated; Spinoffs Rundown

The S11 Part 3 Image Gallery of The Walking Dead Has Been Updated; Spinoffs Rundown

With only a few weeks to go until AMC''s return for Season 11, Part 3, your friends here at Bleeding Cool can neither confirm nor deny that we may or may not be in the middle of press interviews with the cast to discuss the series'' final episodes. But for now, here''s a very informative season preview, as well as reviews for the S11E17 "Lockdown" and S11E18 "A New Deal." But here''s a little bit of information on what''s going to

An even greater force is down on every single member of each community following the presence of locusts. With Commonwealth flags raised at Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside, there''s no time to settle for those on the road. It''s a race against the clock to stay alive and extract those still living in the Commonwealth before Hornsby can execute his revenge.

Connie''s article has created more chaos than planned. Instead, their desire to live a better, more equal, life for all might be put at jeopardy. With the huge debt our group has, but no other viable place to live has never been an option. However, staying will only be an option, with major consequences. The Commonwealth is ticking.

As each group recovers from uncontrollable situations, threats remain around every corner, threatening to end up in a day of judgment for everyone. Will the sum of their individual journeys together, or divide them forever? The ominous population of walkers continues to exasperate. Not all will survive, but for others, the walking dead lives on.

Daryl and Negan travel to the Commonwealth to assist them in combating Sebastian''s crimes. Pamela has contacted protesters demanding justice for Sebastian''s crimes. Rosita''s help in fighting a swarm, according to Greg Nicotero.

Carol agrees to wipe the slate clean on behalf of her friends. Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Elijah head to Oceanside for a fundraiser. Director of Jeffrey F. January and written by: Corey Reed and Kevin Deiboldt

Thanks to an EW profile that was recently released, we have some fantastic updates on what viewers can expect from the spinoffs. Reedus'' Daryl is heading out to France, while Andrew Lincoln''s Rick & Danai Gurira are moving an end to the franchise''s biggest conspiracy. And many choice quotes that would leave the fans very happy. Carol Peletier, Melissa McBride

Daryl Dixon/France Spinoff

Reedus will travel overseas for filming, but the spinoff will have a connection to the final credits scene from, which included a video from Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich), a scientist killed on walkers, and another indication that there are a lot more types of runners than people realize.

Reedus on a TWD program that would go in the opposite direction: "We knew it. But it''s going to be way different. The characters are way different. There''s a different sound, and it''s a whole different vibe. This is going to be f***ing epic."

Dan McDermott, President of AMC, offers a few words: The series will "follow Daryl as he wakes up and finds himself somewhere on the European continent and attempts to unpick what happened. How did he get here? How did he get there?

The Walking Dead: Dead City

Morgan and Cohan are generating as much as ever as filming in New Jersey on the NYC set spinoff:

TWD''s book on Negan and Maggie''s journey onto the isle of Manhattan, where bridges and tunnels were blown up at the start of the epidemic, and it''s been left that way for 12 years now. It''s now a 2 million walker-strong herd that is dominating the streets and making it treacherous and dangerous."

"If you had told me that a year ago, I''d say, "There''s no way. I''m going to finish this and walk away," Morgan said of the ending and saying "The Walking Dead." I think that ending and going away from it would have been a pleasure for us all to do. However, the narrative was so good and so worth telling that it simply came down to, I couldn''t say no. And I felt grounded and intended to continue it."

"Cohan on How Series Allows Them Explore Some "Dark" Places": "Wow, you''ve been doing that show so long,'' I say, "And I hope I do it forever."

"Excitement and Fan Mania" Surrounding Series Reminds Morgan of TWD: "There''s been 200 people out to watch us film, which reminds me a lot of how I first met on ''The Walking Dead.'' It was that kind of thrill and fan mania. So to have that again, it''s super cool."

Rick Grimes/Michonne Spinoff

One of the greatest surprises to come out of this year''s San Diego Comic-Con, it''s important to note that despite how the series has been discussed, AMC is not citing the project as a limited, one-season series.

McDermott discusses why a series was better than a film trilogy: "It became clear that the best, most epic story we could tell would be a multi-episode, six-hour long, epic love tale about these two resurrected themselves, reconnecting, and leaving their family."

"I think it''s critical because Rick Grimes really is "The Walking Dead." It was his story. All of them extremely engaging and emotional, but the Rick Grimes of it truly stands on its own. "I''m really glad about where that''s headed," Greg Nicotero said.

So, what does it make Rick and/or Michonne appear in the Series Finale right? Showrunner and EP Angela Kang asked, "I can''t answer that question, but I appreciate you asking." TWD CCO Scott Gimple was more brutally honest, adding, "I''d never tell you that in a million years."

What''s the Difference Between Carol and The Walking Dead Future?

While a whole host of unnecessary social media rage sparked in the wake of the announcement that McBride would not be able to participate in the Daryl Dixon spinoff moving overseas, we really covered hints that McBride is far from accomplished with the role. However, these hints based on what was released on Friday sounded a lot more clear.

"Their journey''''s not over. They will meet down the road. You can pretty much bet all your money, and I have to keep my mouth closed, but there will be a lot of foots in the heads up at some point."

"We''ll be collaborating on some "Cool Carol stories," says Gimple, who has been optimistic since the beginning. I''ve never stopped talking to Melissa about this. I''m glad to know it and I''m optimistic about telling some "Cool Carol stories."

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