Charlie Barnett is reportedly on the lookout for a series of The Acolyte

Charlie Barnett is reportedly on the lookout for a series of The Acolyte

If reports are true and negotiations ensue, writer, producer, executive producer, and showrunner Leslye Headlandmay end up rejoiningCharlie Barnett. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Barnett "is in complete negotiations" to reprise the cast, which consists of Amandla Stenberg (), Manny Jacinto (), Lee Jung-Jae (), and Jodie Turner-Smith (). However, although no information has been released on Barnett''s character, we know that the mystery-thriller series

Last summer, Headland offered an idea of how they are approaching the series (check out the complete interview here).

"First of all, I wanted people who were not ideologically, but artistically, people who were interested in different things, if that makes sense." "Oh, I haven''t had this experience yet," says Headland''s perception. "It''s a mistake to think about what happened to me. "It''s very strange that I haven''t had this experience yet."

''We were only going to hire women,'' I think, as a result of the demographic breakdown of rooms, and when you have a dictate like that, you''re closing your mind to people who are going to challenge your particular artistic POV. Mostly what I wanted was people who I felt could execute a fantastic script, number one. Mostly, in the job interview, I felt feeling confident about seeing people who had different life experiences than I did, and had different connections to Star Wars.

''Well, I''m wondering why so-and-so isn''t saying this in this scene,'' I said of the writer. I literally had one writer who was like, ''I have never seen anything of them.'' And she said before we started the room, saying, ''Oh, we''re all adamantly happy and supportive,'' according to the writer.

I wanted an active discussion between my writers and myself, especially in places where people would kind of completely agree with their opinions. Sometimes it''s nice to have everybody approve my pitch. It''s not Star Wars, but I thought it is interesting to be people who are not necessarily the die-hard, cutthroat person who is talking about it. I think it''s nice to be aware of the debates and the sort of Socratic conversation that would result. I wanted to put the room together in that way, but I wanted to keep

Because I''ve also played some Star Wars RPGs. And that''s my favorite version of Star Wars, the Star Wars, in which you get to make up your own Star Wars. So when people are like, what''s your favorite film? And what''s your favorite media? I''m like, "I just really love the RPGs." If you can''t do that with the movie, then I''m not sure you''ve done that.

Why Is a "Star Wars" Universe "Mystery-Thriller" Series Fits George Lucas'' Vision? It''s true that people who are doing their own side stories or their own stand-alones, who are simply learning from it. He is such a passionate fan of film, and that his own understanding of the film is defined in many ways. It''s also true that people who are doing their own own own stories or their own series or stand-alones. It''s just possible that they''

In the first sight of his original trilogy, you may pick out all of the different references, and then there''s the sort of symmetry of how everything goes together and is so much greater than just the reference, which is what kind of ended up happening in the 1990s. There were also all of these references being recorded and recognized. It''s the same as with being onlinewe''ve either seen a clip of it, or we''ve seen the film. Whereas, he had to be a dogged admirer and

In a way, that''s why that ends up happening. I don''t know for sure if I had to get an idea of why the stand-alones and the series ended up feeling like we''re going to transition to this particular space, or we''re going to run into this particular genre, which we know but it''s also politically, and that''s just what we''re getting. So, when I do go on social media, I''m like, ''George Lucas made it political.'' It

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