Update on Batman: Caped Crusader; 3 Streamers Are "Big Contenders"

Update on Batman: Caped Crusader; 3 Streamers Are "Big Contenders"

After Warner Bros. Discovery''s cost-cutting measures determined there was more to be done by licensing the series out, but with Alex Weprin''s guidance on the topic, we have a brief explanation on how things are going for. At the time, we learned that Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu were "big contenders."

After a recent episode of Kevin Smith''s podcast with his co-host Marc Bernardin (who wrote an episode of) and producer J.C. Reifenberg, the subject of the animated series'' fate was discussed, and Smith put it best by adding that Marvel can "own" DC in the decades-old battle between the fanbases by "literally DC."

If Hulu is in the mix, then would it be that long, or perhaps maybe, he might, anyway, because I mean, if Hulu is really in the mix, then why would it be that big of a stretch? Yes, because as long as you know what you need, there''s no such thing as "business," without some "personal," and the series is a win-win, indeed. "The Mouse" gets to flick a metaphorical cigarette into the eye of WMD head David

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