No Logan Paul, No Roman Reigns in AEW Rampage

No Logan Paul, No Roman Reigns in AEW Rampage

Tony Khan has done it once more. Just when The Chadster thought that Tony Khan would not fall any lower, he goes and attempts to destroy what should be WWE''s big day, the day news broke that the main event for the next Jeel in Saudi Arabia will feature Roman Reigns in the championship, and it appears that this time, with a match of this magnitude being announced, would be different. But it seems that Tony Khan will never have even the slightest ounce of respect for Logan Paul and everything he''

This week''s episode of will feature four matches, which just shows that Tony Khan does not understand the first thing about the wrestling industry. What exactly would the AEW be smarter? If AEW was smart they would cut two of those matches to make room for promos and recaps of those promos, but this is why AEW will never beat WWE in ratings, except for you to count against NXT in the Wednesday Night Wars, which The Chadster does not.

The Chadster is likely to face Darby Allin, Penelope Ford, and Danhausen in the ROH TV Championship this week. These are just a few of the things expected for tonight''s clash, but the Chadster is assuming it''s the main event. This week, Matt Hardy will face Darby Allin, Penelope Ford will face Willow Nightingale, and Ethan Page will face Danhausen. These are the days that The Chadster is so sick!

As usual, AEW has decided to harass The Chadster by sending him these unsolicited photographs:

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