Streets of Rage 4 is now available on Android and iOS

Streets of Rage 4 is now available on Android and iOS

The popular 2D brawler Streets of Rage 4 is now available on iOSandAndroid for $7.99. However, players may go ahead and spend $2.99 more on Mr. X''s Nightmare DLC, which will include three new playable characters, a new survival mode, and new weapons.

Mobile Devices Make Streets of Rage 4 Look Like Home

As they tasked to restore justice in Wood Oak City, players in Streets of Rage 4 will take the control of Axel, Blaze, and Adam. The city is being governed by a new crime organization that has also corrupted the police.

New battle mechanics will be added on Streets of Rage 4 and users will be able to recreate the classic era. The game has excellent animations and impressive hand-drawn and comics style graphics. Players can unlock up to 5 players and will be battling their way through 12 different stages. Here is the official release trailer.

The game will be boosted by different modes, allowing players to stand up and interact with them. In addition, the game will include Story, Training, and Arcade. The musical score in the game is done by Olivier Deriviere and Yuzo Koshiro. The retro pixels are also available.

Streets of Rage 4 is specifically designed for mobile users, rather than a direct connection, and everything from controls, sound, and graphics has been improved in a way that will allow the mobile gamers to have the most of their time.

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