Early 2023, the Rise Of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition will be released

Early 2023, the Rise Of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition will be released

Apogee Entertainment has revealed that their next game will be publishing the cult classic in early 2023. Its based on the original team, along with the minds of Nightdive Studios, has restored the game to life, as it plays like with a ton of danger around every corner. Below is a preview of the game, which will be available on PC and all three major consoles next year.

ExperienceROTT, an elite five-member task force, is rewarded with incredible accomplishments, including speed, speed, and precision, as well as its deadly traps, high-ranking tests, and unhinged power-ups. Blast straight to the dark heart of a conspiracy to destroy Los Angeles, armed with a legendary arsenal of pistols, heat-seeking missiles, bone-charring walls of flame, and an enchanted baseball bat.

With this impressive, magical game, a gibtastic multiplayer COMMbatt deathmatch assisting up to 11 players, which requires no dial-up training. See where the pioneering game modes began with Capture the Triad, the first capture-the-flag mode in FPS history, and Hunter, where a sole "prey" player is able to face off against a whole group of gamers. Even the OGs at Nightdive Studios, along with Apogee Entertainment and New Blood Interactive,

Enjoy timeless visuals beautifully presented by Nightdive Studios'' proprietary KEX engine in 4K with no-fuss support for 60FPS, increased frame rates, increased FOV, cloud saves, and new features. HUD and UI elements give a clean look at a stone-cold classic campaign, plus restored cut content and a new, original story episode in the (ROTT) world.

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