Golda, which stars Helen Mirren, has been cast, developed, and produced all of the film following Israel's legendary Prime Minister, Golda Meir

Golda, which stars Helen Mirren, has been cast, developed, and produced all of the film following Is

Helen Mirren has become Golda Meir! In this powerful film directing Guy Nattiv, Helen is bringing her A Game to play Israel''s first female Prime Minister Golda Meir.

The book, written by Nicholas Martin, is depicted during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. It focuses on Prime Minister Golda Meir''s difficult, sometimes controversial decisions during this time, and how she also had to cope with non-stop infighting among her all-male cabinet members.

Now here''s everything you need to know about Helen Mirren''s next film...

Golda release date

The release date has not been announced, but we believe it will be in 2023. Trust us, this page was kept up early as soon as it was officially announced. We''ll also update on which steaming service it will launch after its cinema release, whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or another service.

Is there a trailer for Golda?

Unfortunately there is no trailer yet, which is a disgrace as we cant wait to see Helen Mirren in action. As soon as it is released, it is well-putting it up on this page. At the moment the film is still being filmed in London and Israel.

Golda plot what happens in the movie?

Israel''s prime minister, Golda Meir, made during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, when Egypt, Syria, and Jordan launched a surprise attack on Israel on its holy day. It demonstrates how her hostile all-male cabinet members were fighting among themselves and how Golda dealt with a conflict that posed the threat of Israel.

Helen Mirren stars in Golda on her casting and the controversy over her casting.

Golda Meir was a formidable, intransigent, and powerful leader. Its a tremendous challenge to portray her in the most difficult moment of her extraordinary life, according to Helen. I only hope I do her justice.

Helen Mirren has been an expert in playing strong women for the past five years, having played Queen Elizabeth I in the 2005 television series and Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film.

Her impressive career began with her first appearance in 1980 with Bob Hoskins, and since then she has appeared in numerous films including (1986), (2001) and (2003). She is perhaps best known for playing Jane Tennison in the long-running TV show which first started in 1991, and she also played in the 2019 miniseries of the same name.

Thrillled that Helen will take on the role of Golda, director Guy Nattiv says: "I have long been an admirer of Helen Mirren. She has melted so brilliantly into Golda Meirs character with incredible talent, intelligence, depth, and emotion, owing justice to the beauty and complex of this incredible lady."

actress Maureen Lipman said that a non-Jewish actress such as Helen Mirren was the appropriate choice to play the Jewish Israeli Prime Minister. It''s triggered a debate in Britain, especially because Helen Mirren said that she had a question about her playing Golda Meir, and that, if you want to think about it, there are no hard feelings. I will absolutely understand.

Helen said that the Jewishness of the character is so important: "I feel strongly that this discussion must be addressed. I also admire Maureen, especially as an actress. I would love to meet her and have a coffee to chat with her about it. I am glad to see her and sip her with Dame to dame. I''d love to meet her and have a chat and chat with her before she goes. I''d love to chat about her and say hello. I''m sorry if I''m really

Who else is starring in Golda?

Look out for star Rami Heuberger to play Moshe Dayan, Israel''s Defence Minister, while Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi will play Goldas chief of staff in the film. Hollywood star Liev Shrieber has teamed up with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Kit Rakusen has teamed up with Israeli diplomat Gideon Meir.

Ellie Piercy, Ed Stoppard (), Dvir Benedek, Rotem Keinan, Dominic Mafham, Ben Caplan, Emma Davies, and Kit Rakusen have all joined the cast. Camille Cottin has also joined the cast.

Who was Golda Meir?

Golda was born in Kiev and now lives in Ukraine. In 1906, she fleeeeed in the United States, escaping the brutal pogroms of ancient rulers. In 1921, she became a teacher, then moved with her husband to a kibbutz in Palestine. In 1948, she was a fervent Zionist and began purchasing weapons for the young country.

She was elected as Israel''s first female prime minister in 1969, when she was 70. She was also known as a dictator of Israel''s labor union, but by then she was infected with obstacles. At the time, a grandmother who was in poor health and wore orthopaedic shows was seen as an unlikely leader of a country that constantly faced challenges, but during her five-year stint, Golda was a strong, helpful personality who stuttered her authority on the country. She had

Golda met with all of the world''s top leaders, including US Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, and British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and The Queen a year after the Yom Kippur battle. In 1975, she resigned her post and published her autobiography My Life (opens in new tab) and died three years later.

Other TV dramas and movies about Golda Meir

In a separate documentary, Golda Meir was also portrayed by Ingrid Bergman, the late Hollywood director of Sweden, and Judy Davis, who played Golda as a young woman, during a 2005 Steven Spielberg movie. In 2019, Golda herself was the star of a self-titled documentary about her life, using archive footage. She spoke freely before her death, speaking after her last appearance.

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