Who is Adar in LOTR: The Power Rings? Is Adar Sauron? We have to see evidence

Who is Adar in LOTR: The Power Rings? Is Adar Sauron? We have to see evidence

In episode 4, we get to meet Adar after last week''s cliffhanger. Evidently, the mysterious leader of the orcs has dark purposes, but is he the villain of this series?

Many fans have speculated that Adar, who plays him by Joseph Mawle (Benjen Stark in the English film), is actually Sauron, but are they right? Let''s take a look...

One of the first things we notice about Adar is his ears, which resemble those of an elf; in episode 3, the word "adar" is actually an elvish word that means "father." Sauron was initially one of the Maiar (opens in a new tab) before he fell under the influence of Morgoth and thus be capable of taking on various forms to suit his needs.

As Tolkien aficionados know, the first Orcs were corrupted elves, so it''s also possible that Adar is simply an elf who''s fallen into darkness and started forming an army in a bid to gain power. After all, we know men from the South were loyal to Morgoth during the last war, so maybe some elves were also in contact.

Adar''s true purpose in the Southlands is the recovery of the black sword hilt that Theo carries with him at the end of this week''s episode.

Theo receives an ominous warning from the village''s innkeeper who demonstrates his compassion for the Dark Lord. Both have been left with the mark of Sauron on their forearms from their contact with the black sword. Instead, it''s "a power fashioned for our ancestors by his master''s own hand." He is a beautiful servant of he who was lost and will return.

A meteor or "starfall" that occurred a few weeks ago, according to the innkeeper, is a sign that Sauron is coming back to Middle Earth. Could this be the connection between Adar, Sauron, and the meteor man who is also a stranger?

Those who''ve studied Sauron''s past will know that when he first arrived in Middle-Earth, he fooled elvesinto believing he was one of them and persuaded Celebrimbor, the great elven-smith, to form the power rings.

The Dark Lord might be called "Sauron the Deceiver," but we believe he should have done an extra effort before being able to pull the wool over the elves'' eyes. Why would he then seize himself to Arondir and then set him free if he wanted to invade Lindon?

We think it''s more likely that Adar is one of Sauron''s lieutenants or simply a corrupted elf in attempting to ingratiate himself to the Dark Lord by finding the black hilt, but then the time will tell.

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