PokemonGo's Shiny Roggenrola, its evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats, and the Gigalith's best moveset

PokemonGo's Shiny Roggenrola, its evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats, and the Gigalith's best mo

For September''s Community Day, Roggenrola is a monthly Pokemon Go event that boosts the spawn rate for a specific Pokemon, while also increasing the appearance of the animals, and offering an exclusive upgrade, along with a slew of other bonuses!

This Community Day, the Mantle Pokemon, Roggenrola, is being celebrated, and this rock-type Pokemon is far from a common sight outside of special events, so if you''re still looking for a perfect Roggenrola, Boldore, or Gigalith, or even a shiny Roggenrola, this Pokemon Go event is for you!

This event is ideal for taking a Roggenrola with 100% authentic IV stats, and if you succeed, it''s a good idea to know Gigalith''s best moveset. Gigalith is also an interesting player in the Go Battle Leagues Master League, and with Community Day often adding a brand-new and exclusive move, it''s always good to know in advance how strong the Pokemon you''re catching.

Even if you are not fussed about this months Community Day Pokemon, there are a variety of other rewards that may make you out and about, especially if you are a fan of Go Battle League.

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In Pokemon Go, Roggenrola has surpassed all of the best IV stats.

In Pokemon Go, September''s Community Day is the perfect time to discover a Roggenrola with excellent IV stats.

The CP values for Roggenrola, which correspond to excellent 15/15/15 ratings, are summarized as follows:

  • Level 30 (wild CP maximum) 1032 CP
  • Level 35 (weather boosted CP maximum) 1118 CP

The wild CP value of Roggenrola matches your current Trainer Level until you reach Level 30, therefore, since the majority of the player base is above this level, we keep to these values for the sake of simplicity. If you''re currently beneath Level 30, these values will be different.

Although perfect Pokemon Go stats are entirely dependent on what you intend to use.

Perfect for the Master League and raids means exclusively 15/15/15 the best possible stats that a Pokemon can have. While many Pokemon that are perfect for the Great League and Ultra League are completely different, as the goal is to attain the highest level by getting the lowest attack and highest defence, and putting that CP as close to the leagues cap as possible.

If you want to run Gigalith in those two leagues, you''re on the verge of gaining different results:

  • A perfect Great League Gigalith is 0/11/15, reaching CP1499 at Level 17.5.
  • A perfect Ultra League Gigalith is 0/13/15, reaching CP2497 at Level 29.

Because of its brand-new Charged Move, Meteor Beam, Gigalith remains to be seen. Current reports suggest that it will be an improvement, but not meta breaking. However, the developer Niantic has been known to change the status of Community Day moves at the 11th hour, so you''ll want to get a good Meteor Beam Gigalith in the event!

Gigalith is a pretty bad game in Great League and Ultra League, although it is already a top-10 rock-type in Master League. This is certainly a Community Day to meet at the moment.

What is Roggenrola''s evolution strategy?

Boldore and then Gigalith are two further evolution stages for Roggenrola.

All forms of a given Pokemon have the same resources, but like Machoke, Haunter, and other Pokemon before, Boldore has a special evolution technique you should be aware of. You may either develop your Roggenrola into a Gigalith for 200 additional Roggenrola Candy, or you may trade it with a friend who can then develop it for free.

This week, when trading a Pokemon''s stats, you''ll both wind up with something much better, with a free evolution being introduced for good measure. This makes playing with a friend much more fun!

This is because if you get a perfect shiny Roggenrola you don''t want to trade, it will cost a whopping 250 Candy to transform into a perfect shiny Gigalith. That''s a costly Pokemon to develop the hardest way!

If you want to get rid of candy, make sure you use Pinap Berries and Silver Pinap Berries to double the amount of candy you receive from each Pokemon. This stacks with a event reward, which gives a double catch Candy for all Pokemon caught during the event.

As soon as you catch a rock-type Pokemon mega, Aerodactyl is the only one available which will give one extra Candy per catch, without any additional work. This doesn''t stack with the other bonus, but if you catch a Roggenrola with either Pinap Berry or have a Mega Aerodactyl in play, you will receive an impressive 13 candies per Roggenrola cap.

The best moveset recommendation for Gigalith moves

What''s the difference between Gigalith and the rest of the world?

Gigalith is generally recommended by a moveset of Smack Down (Fast), Rock Slide (Charged) and Superpower (Charged) no matter which league you''re in, and Gigalith always outperforms Boldore and Roggenrola. That said, Gigalith is pretty bad in Great League and Ultra League, mostly because of its wide range of meta-relevant strengths. Anyone who has played either league for more than 20 minutes will know that having a Pokemon that

You don''t want to compete in the Little Cup, however, as it''sn''t even in the top 30 rock-type Pokemon. In short, it''s just awful.

Let''s first look at Gigalith''s complete move set to see if we want to run Meteor Beam.

  • Smack Down (Rock)
  • Mud Slap (Ground)
  • Rock Slide (Rock)
  • Superpower (Fighting)
  • Heavy Slam (Steel)
  • Solar Beam (Grass)

Rock Slide and Superpower are currently the best options, with Rock Slide giving STAB damage, and Superpower being a spammier move, while being the cheapest Charged move, though offering a lot of damage. Superpower is guaranteed to decrease both your attack and defense by one stage, which makes it far from appealing.

If current estimates are correct, there''s no need to believe that the numbers will not affect Meteor Beam will cost 60 energy and do 120 damage. This makes it more expensive and harder hitting than Superpower and Heavy Slam, but also cheaper and harder hitting than Solar Beam, while also giving STAB. It also has the advantage of buffing your attack by one stage instead of decreasing your stats like Superpower.

If you need to apply some shield pressure, the standard is to pick up a Master League Gigalith with this exclusive move and run it with Rock Slide. However, be aware that these recommendations will likely change once the final numbers are set in, well, rock.

What are the shiny Roggenrola, Boldore, and Gigalith''s appearance?

As part of the Unova Week event, community days like this always divide the Pokemon Go community. Despite that, we''re not in the camp that says Community Day should only be about new shinies; we''ll happily take the opportunity to pick up a shiny Roggenrola!

Because the opportunity to catch a shiny Pokemon is one of the greatest draws of any Community Day event. This is owing to the increased shiny rate of the event''s highlighted Pokemon, combined with the possibility to catch Pokemon of the same type naturally increase said rate, making it easier to encounter shinies.

To get a shiny Pokemon, you must either start a catch encounter with a Pokemon in the wild or earn the desired encounter by completeing an exercise like a raid. From there, it''s easy to see if you''ve encountered a shiny Pokemon owing to its alternative colouring, the sparkles which shine when the encounter begins, and the shiny icon next to the Pokemon.

Despite their relative rarity in the spawn pool and how cool Gigalith looks, many people will still be looking for a great shiny on Community Day.

Alongside their regular non-shiny appearances, Roggenrola, Boldore, and Gigalith are shady:

As you may see, the three have a dark purple rather than a conventional navy, with Roggenrola''s accent colour being gray instead of brown, but Boldore and Gigalith are using a beautiful turquoise instead of red.

If you want to evolve shiny Roggenrola, we recommend staying until after the event, where you''ll have until five hours to evolve and gain the exclusive move. This way, you''ll have ample time to, hopefully, catch a couple of shiny Roggenrolas, along with enough candy to help them evolve. However, it''s best to make sure you sort through your collection at the same time!

For this Community Day, developing a shiny Roggenrola will add a shiny Boldore and, if you complete the evolution line, a shiny Gigalith. Meteor Beam is the brand-new rock-type exclusive Charged attack.

Thank you for Roggenrola''s Community Day and great luck in finding a perfect shiny!

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