Details Dodeka Max and PvP Systems are introduced by NIS. Disgaea 7 Maiko and Thief Classes

Details Dodeka Max and PvP Systems are introduced by NIS. Disgaea 7 Maiko and Thief Classes

New information on new systems, classes, and characters has been released by NIS about Disgaea 7, the latest release in the franchise. A recent update to the games official website and details of the Sega/Atlus TGS 2022 broadcast.

The Hinomoto Netherworld, which is more explicitly stylized after the Japan, has evolved. Fuji, a lone warrior who hates Bushido, and Piririka, a Bushido nerd, must fight to consolidate the Seven Original Blades and restore pride to the land.

Two additional characters have been added out of the ten detailed classes: the female Maiko and the male Thief.

Maiko''s class of characters may charm adversaries as well as damage additional to male counterparts. He plays similarly to the previous female version. He can steal treasure as well as find rare items from chests.

Disgaea 7 will now have no limitations to what items you can Reincarnate. For example, you may transform a healing item into a sword. You may also transfer weapon-exclusive abilities to new types. Like with how the Reincarnation system works for characters, the more times you Reincarnate, the stronger the item becomes.

Dodeka Max, a second new skill for Disgaea 7, is so large that they could not fit on the map. Moreover, they may also hit several enemies with a normal attack. However, you may only open massive treasure chests with a Dodeka Max character.

Each character will have a field effect called Dobility. While the character is in Dodeka Max mode, all characters on the field will be able to use this passive Dobility. Heal HP by 20% at the end of each turn or Increase DMG by 20%. There may be four Dodeka Maxed characters on the field at once.

The ranked matches will not be a live, simultaneous PvP system, however. Instead, the character will create a team and define the various AI behaviors for the players, and then others will challenge you when they want to. Stages and rules will change after a set period of time. You can spend those points in the Rank Shop.

Disgaea 7 will be available on the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2023. Global release intentions have not been announced. Anyone interested in the game can watch a demo of Disgaea 7 at the Segas booth.

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