Vinny Takes a Family Vacation to Los Angeles for His Shot With Angelina on the Jersey Shore

Vinny Takes a Family Vacation to Los Angeles for His Shot With Angelina on the Jersey Shore

Since Angelina''s divorce became a sure thing (and in some cases before) the cast and viewers of MTV''s have been arguing for another hookup between Vinny and Angelina, that dream, titled, progressed closer than ever, to being fulfilled, comrades unless you count that time they actually did have sex on the original.

On this week''s episode of "Snooki gets blackout drunk," J-Woww, Angelina, and Zack put his wrestling skills to the test, and put Snooki in a Fireman''s Carry. It''s better than the rest of a Burger King product placement spot!

On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, guests travelled to the airport to get Angelina and Vinnie to meet after their date-like relationship at the restaurant the night before. Obviously, Vinny felt her charm, but Angelina believes Vinny isn''t nice enough to take a look at Brenda.

The crew went to Little Italy in San Diego for some Italian dining, where Mike once again extended the definition of recovery with his relationship to food. Eventually, they found Uncle Nino waiting for them. Until this point, friends, and everything was going fine for Vinny and Angelina, but they went downhill.

When Angelina is around, Vinny grins like a fool: Family Vacation Anvilina spent more time flirting with Uncle Nino than she was with him, and Vinny decided to do nothing by giving him the same advice. After Nino and Angelina both commented on their mutual connection, explaining that Vinny''s improved emotional growth was the ultimate obstacle to an Angelina/Vinny hookup! The episode ended on a sad note.

comrades, I didn''t see that one coming. This week''s episode features a somewhat explosive introduction to several cast members and their relationships. Most importantly, now everyone knows how to make Vangelina happen they only have to convince Vinny to deal with his mommy issues and grow the hell up! Haw haw!

Comrades: socialism or death wait until next time!

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