Kevin Can F**k Himself S02E04 Review: Patty's Birthday Party

Kevin Can F**k Himself S02E04 Review: Patty's Birthday Party

With help from Tammy (Candace Coke) and lack of help (as usual) from Kevin (Eric Petersen, AMC''s brings us together. This episode is exciting as a result of a lot of fun, so be sure to watch the episode and return if you''d like, so we may dive in on it together.

The whole interview with Allison and Patty has spawned debate, whether that is a deep friendship or something else. This episode was excellent at exploring Tammy''s relationship with Patty and everyone in her family and circle. It''s evident that several points during the birthday party were dragged back and forth. It''s as if an invisible weight from Kevin''s presence was lifted, and all of the pressures involved increased.

On the porch, Allison got so much joy. It was great to see these scenes still used to show how unique their relationship is with others around them. It''s great that some of Allison''s decisions give a look at her shortcomings or weaknesses, but she does not do well with holding things in and may end up letting things boil over. This episode also enlivens tension between almost everyone and opens the door to a potentially disastrous conversation.

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