Part 54 of The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Astral Radiance: TG Trainers

Part 54 of The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Astral Radiance: TG Trainers

The second main series set of 2022 was released on May 27th, 2022. It is the tenth set under the banner and is the first to include the Radiant Pokemon mechanic. But the difference, however, is that the card''s texture is altered, and there is also a special holo pattern on the background of the card. Today, we continue with the Trainer Gallery subset from the beginning of the set.

The Trainer Gallery subset primarily includes Character Rares and Character Super Rares, but also features special Full Art Trainers. These are the High Class Trainers that were included in Japan''s High Class set, which mostly features Trainers from previous sets with different artwork.

  • Allister Full Art Trainer Supporter
  • Bea Full Art Trainer Supporter
  • Melony Full Art Trainer Supporter
  • Milo Full Art Trainer Supporter
  • Piers Full Art Trainer Supporter

These cards are generally lower in value than standard Full Art Trainers, because the strikes in the Trainer Gallery are often difficult to pull.

Stay tuned for the continuing journey through. Click the tag below to look back on this series. Next time, this journey with the Trainer Gallery section of the set will be continued.

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