In Mad Cave's Solicits in December 2022, Dahlia In The Dark #1 was released

In Mad Cave's Solicits in December 2022, Dahlia In The Dark #1 was released

In December 2022, Joe Corallo and Andrea Milana have begun a new hitman thriller comic book series. Take a look.

DAHLIA IN THE DARK #1 (OF 6) CVR A MILANA MAD CAVE STUDIOS OCT221808 OCT221809 DAHLIA IN THE DARK #1 (OF 6) Joe Corallo (A / CA) A washed up hitman, Donny Dahlia, takes one last job transporting a package overseas in the hopes of returning his estranged daughter. Little does he know this job is going to result in him being caught in

TERRIBLE SCHOOL #3 (OF 12) MAD CAVE STUDIOS OCT221810 (W) Cullen Bunn (A / CA) Andrea Mutti The doctors try to explain the serial killer''s motive with the help of the town sherriff. As Nick en routes Disante, he makes a wrong turn and finds more than he had bargained for. In Shops: Dec 21, 2022 SRP: 3.99

BATTLECATS #4 CVR A CAMELO MAD CAVE STUDIOS OCT221811 OCT221812 MAD CAVE STUDIOS LEGACY BATTLECATS #4 CVR B LONERGAN 2.99 (W) Mark London (A / CA) Michael Camelo MCS LEGACY: Battlecats #4 continues as the battle continues, but Kelthan begins recognizing why King Eramad''s request to slay the creature was so hot. Will the

NATURES LABYRINTH #2 (OF 6) (MR) MAD CAVE STUDIOS OCT221813 (W) Zac Thompson (A) Bayleigh Underwood (CA) Filya Bratukhin It''s all-out mayhem as the rules of the game have evolved to include specialized weapons for each of the criminals. Will they accept the truth or will they devolve into the violent criminals they are? In Shops: Dec 14, 2022 SRP: 3

IN THE OFFICIAL TIME OF THE ROPES TIMES NEXT PTG MAD CAVE STUDIOS OCT221815 (W) Jay Sandlin (A) A competitor promotion from Jason''s estranged father, Buddy Peacock, invades the SFW''s hit television show Explode. When Courtney, wrestling under Scorch, is injured, Jason must choose between family and fame in a bout with permanent demands. When the final bell rings, it''ll be

POTIONS INC TP VOL 01 MAD CAVE STUDIOS OCT221816 (W) Erik Burnham (A) Stelladia (CA) Natasha Alterici The call of adventure always seems to hang up when Randelgast Jones replies, leaving him facing the terrible future of working in his family''s famous potion shop. In stores: December 28, 2022 SRP: 17.99

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