Genndy Tartakovsky is "Really Excited About" Season 3 inspiration

Genndy Tartakovsky is "Really Excited About" Season 3 inspiration

How''s everybody doing the Season 2 finale of Adult Swim? As season finales go, Genndy Tartakovsky is sharing some thoughts on where he will aim to take a third season, and how it might impact our heroes. From this point forward, we''re throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and throwing an image spoiler buffer. We''ll see you on the other side.

The end credits on "Echoes of Eternity" were rolled out, so it''s safe to say that people were shocked by the fact that Season 3 would still be called "Primal," but with a different theme. "I think this season, this season, we''ll be going on a series about the family or Mira & Spear''s daughter, right? "I''m not entirely opposed to revisiting them, but I''m not going to say that." "It''s safe

It looks like two projects before "starting development" on a third season. "I have an idea that I''m really excited about, one idea that''s rising to the top," he said. "After five seasons of ''Samurai Jack,'' two seasons of ''Primal,'' all the ''Clone Wars'' that we did, I''ve done so much battles and action. I''ve never done caveman-style combat, but it''s just rawness. "I''

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