In Arcade Archives Rompers, save the kid and ruin a garden

In Arcade Archives Rompers, save the kid and ruin a garden

The Secret Garden

Hamster''s week-long theme of farming/gardening titles is matched by this week, although this one adds some extra spookiness Namcos maze chaser is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The game, which was first developed by Akira Usukura in 1989, is a maze-chasing title that sees a young farmer on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of an army of monsters and ghoulies. Our hero, Chap, must negotiate a series of garden mazes, gathering 61 keys to unlock what must be human history and release his gal from her floral prison.

The action in the trailer below can be found with the permission of YouTuber crazyclimber80.

Chap''s only defense is the ability to push walls to block or crush his opponents, despite battling his way through each maze, and his lady captor, mad scientist Gurerin. Short intermission sequences include cute cartoon cuts.

Would not receive a home port, but was featured in several Namco compilations and was placed on the Wiis Virtual Console in Japan. This new release represents one of the very few occasions in which the title has been officially available outside of Japan.

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch are now available for download, priced at around $8.

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